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Aircraft Management Services

At Icarus Jet, we believe in going above and beyond when it comes to customer service and customer satisfaction. We understand that when it comes to owning an aircraft, it’s a major investment for you and that there are several responsibilities revolving around the same. We support the entire operation of your aircraft by providing a full range of services focused on safety, privacy, and savings. Once you’ve hired Icarus Jet for the management of your aviation assets, you can then simply enjoy the benefits of its ownership and the investment that you’ve made. Dedicated Services Icarus jet utilizes an asset management model that Involves a team with many years[...]

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Aircraft Insurance

At Icarus Jet Inc., we have dedicated ourselves to researching and becoming the true experts in corporate aircraft insurance. We have tied ourselves with the largest insurance brokers in the World. Our client’s interest and their assets is our main focus to which we become the palladium of. We have been able to tailor the insurance needs of all of our clients in some of the most difficult regions of the world. We will assist you in acquiring the right insurance in the rapidly changing aviation industry. Yousuf Ali LL.B. (Hons) – Insurance Consultant Yousuf joined Icarus after a distinguished 4 year career in general aviation and airline insurance. He[...]

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Aircraft Maintenance

Icarus Jet is proud to offer Airworthiness and Maintenance Management. We are fully capable of continuing airworthiness of aircraft, Globally and Locally. Icarus Jet has Maintenance support employees in Dallas,texas and London,U.K, both reachable via email and direct line at +1 (972) 364.1833 and +44(0)2071838551. Our Maintenance engineers will make sure that all flights take place with- 1 – Maintained and airworthy condition 2 – Valid Airworthiness certificate 3 – Approved maintenance program Maintenance management is the task of deciding, by consultation, on what work is required, scheduling maintenance, and agreeing with maintenance team. We will help you in considering airworthiness responsibilities, financial constraints, fleet availability and forward planning. All[...]

Jet Charter to the Isle of Capri

Jet Charter to the Isle of Capri, Italy

1968 Vogue magazine cover. “Viva la vivacita” is all it said and it was all in Italian. The fashion editorial published in the January issue, the beauty of Capri was summed up in it. Capri was the perfect natural setting to serve as a frame of photos. The elegance and style of the island were as famous then as they’re now. I can’t tell the story of Capri. No one can. One has to visit the Island and fall in love with it, and then visit every year and fall even deeper in love with its culture, fashion, food, and people. Capri is also about its Sea. Capricious, changeable, boundless.[...]

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Private Aviation Marketing

One of the most integral components to being successful in the private jet charter industry is the utilization of marketing to promote your brand, product, and services. Whether you are a single broker operating from your computer or a large brokerage firm, having a well established marketing team and plan can make our break your success in this industry. Lets discuss the various components that could make up a successful marketing plan in the private jet charter industry. First and foremost like any business, you will need a good name and logo which can be displayed on all company related material such as websites and business cards. Next is having[...]

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Obtaining the Impossible

It is no secret that when traveling abroad on a private jet, you must apply for and obtain slot and permit approvals from your overflight and destinations countries. Permits can take anywhere from a couple of hours to multiple days to be approved. The time it takes for a quick approval status can vary depending on the time of year, sporting event, and national or religious holidays occurring. One global event taking place right now is the FIFA World Cup. As family, friends, and coworkers rush to book a last minute private jet to cheer on their home country team, they all run into the same issue. Last minute and[...]

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events for 2018 JULY – December

At Icarus Jet we have exclusive rights to multiple different aircraft’s worldwide that are available for private jet charter. Our team of specialized charter analysts can assist you in choosing the perfect aircraft for you and your guests. The FIFA world cup is currently on going at the moment in Russia till the 15th of July and we have successfully ferried a number of groups of VIP’s from various countries to different cities in Russia. Get in touch with us to book your once in a lifetime world cup experience in Russia. We still have a number of events left up to the end of the year get in touch[...]

Bridges the Gap

How Icarus Jet Bridges the Gap

The aviation industry is one of the most diverse and internationally widespread industries in the world. It is a melting pot of a many of the cultures, ethnicity, races, nationalities, and languages in all the world; a place where all these different people from different backgrounds come to do business. This statement is incredibly true and applicable to the private jet charter industry. And while this idea of a melting pot is exciting, it can also lead to some difficulties and frustrations when working together, especially when dealing in a high net worth industry such as private jet charter. This is where the expertise of Icarus Jet comes in. We[...]

Luxury Jet Charter- Paris

Luxury Jet Charter- Paris, France with Icarus Jet

Beyond the well-known and frequented cultural offerings and museums, Paris and the greater Paris region are home to a genuine secret garden of out of the ordinary and highly original venues for a vivifying visit. There are private mansions tucked away behind inviting facades housing unique collections of 18th-century art offering a glimpse into the lifestyle in France during this period, the arts and archaeology of the far east and you can explore the worlds of playing cards, magic, and freemasonry or take a journey through a haunted manor house where the legends of Paris come alive. But we know that you have not just jet-setted to La Paris for[...]


Luxury jet travel- Egypt

Egypt is the Mother of the World ( “مصر أم الدنيا” Umm el donnya in Arabic ). A saying that I’ve heard so many times while traveling in Egypt and around the world. No one really utters these words in arrogance and It’s mostly followed by a gentle smile. I love Egypt and Its people. They have an old gentle soul. Humor and wit, hard work and kindness are what separates them from the rest. The Arabic spoken in Egypt has a poets virtue to it. One can easily distinguish the Egyptian dialects softness when compared to the Arabic spoken in any of the Gulf Countries. It has now been[...]