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Aircraft Management Services

At Icarus Jet, we believe in going above and beyond when it comes to customer service and customer satisfaction. We understand that when it comes to owning an aircraft, it’s a major investment for you and that there are several responsibilities revolving around the same. We support the entire operation of your aircraft by providing a full range of services focused on safety, privacy, and savings. Once you’ve hired Icarus Jet for the management of your aviation assets, you can then simply enjoy the benefits of its ownership and the investment that you’ve made. Dedicated Services Icarus jet utilizes an asset management model that Involves a team with many years[...]

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Aircraft Insurance

At Icarus Jet Inc., we have dedicated ourselves to researching and becoming the true experts in corporate aircraft insurance. We have tied ourselves with the largest insurance brokers in the World. Our client’s interest and their assets is our main focus to which we become the palladium of. We have been able to tailor the insurance needs of all of our clients in some of the most difficult regions of the world. We will assist you in acquiring the right insurance in the rapidly changing aviation industry. Yousuf Ali LL.B. (Hons) – Insurance Consultant Yousuf joined Icarus after a distinguished 4 year career in general aviation and airline insurance. He[...]

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Aircraft Maintenance

Icarus Jet is proud to offer Airworthiness and Maintenance Management. We are fully capable of continuing airworthiness of aircraft, Globally and Locally. Icarus Jet has Maintenance support employees in Dallas,texas and London,U.K, both reachable via email and direct line at +1 (972) 364.1833 and +44(0)2071838551. Our Maintenance engineers will make sure that all flights take place with- 1 – Maintained and airworthy condition 2 – Valid Airworthiness certificate 3 – Approved maintenance program Maintenance management is the task of deciding, by consultation, on what work is required, scheduling maintenance, and agreeing with maintenance team. We will help you in considering airworthiness responsibilities, financial constraints, fleet availability and forward planning. All[...]

Enjoy the Comfort and Convenience with Private Jets

    Do you ever consider the comfort and convenience while travelling? Or you are so excited that you failed to acknowledge about your comfort? Well, most of the people neglect this when travelling to far away places. They forget about the comfort and convenience level, which can be harmful to our overall health.The recent times that succumbed all this, asked me the need to write this article. We were travelling to one of the city in UK from Dallas, and we never thought that constantly changing commercial flight could be so troublesome. Thus, from that particular time we decided to hire a private jet from dallas to have a[...]

How to Select a Private Jet Charter Company

As the pace of your life accelerates, it’s clearly noticed that the time is becoming too important to spend waiting in airports, especially when you have scheduled your important meetings which is to be postponed just because of delayed flights. You begin thinking about private jet charter a faster, easier and more customized way for any voyage. Thus with every passing year the growth and number of business, chartering private jets are increasing. While on one hand with number choices on the other side it becomes difficult to select which service would suit? Suppose you need private jets hired from London then consider what all quality services you will check,[...]

Experience the luxuries of traveling by private jet

Traveling by commercial airlines is most preferred option available today, but there is nothing like flying with private jet! You will feel like a king and like you are on top of the world. Imagine that you need to fly to your destination for a business deal and instead you have to deal with all airport hassles. Why not book a private jet instead? These services are for go-getters who want to achieve more in less time. There is no need to own a private jet, you can just hire one. Surely, you would not miss those long security lines, mass of people crowding in the public washrooms. Hassles and[...]

Jet Charter

Jet Charter- Icarus Aircraft Database Manager

Understanding the costs and fees of chartering a jet can be difficult to decipher and hard to understand. Here at Icarus Jet we believe in being upfront and honest when quoting our clients for a charter request. Often times charter companies will give you a quote with hidden fees that will come as a surprise to their clients at the end of the trip. To better understand what all is involved in a charter price I will give you a simple outline: To begin with, the cost of a charter is subject to the client’s needs and will be based on how many passengers are traveling, the savings in time,[...]

US-Africa Leaders Summit

Icarus Jet Provides Trip Support and Services to the US-Africa Leaders Summit

Often, people are curious about the benefits and capabilities of chartering a jet as an alternative to flying commercial. Flying by charter differs from commercial aviation in many ways, but from the point of view of the passenger it can be summarized in three words: efficiency, privacy and flexibility. From small groups to large, Icarus Jet provides the charter flight you need in a quick and timely matter without the hassle of searching for the least expensive quote.  Last minute quotes are given with no additional costs and Icarus Jet always provides the most cost effective quote around. We charter a wide variety of clientele; Business executives in need of[...]

The Insights of the U.S. – Africa Leaders’ Summit

The U.S.- Africa Leaders’ Summit, the largest event any U.S. President has held with African Heads of State and Government, will build on the President’s trip to Africa in the summer of 2013 and it will strengthen ties between the United States and one of the world’s most dynamic and fastest growing regions. Heads of State and Government from the African Nation are flying in to Washington D.C. for the event; so, what does it take to transport the leaders of Africa to the U.S.-Africa Leaders’ Summit comfortably and safely? At Icarus Jet we believe it takes attention to detail and due diligence to our passengers to assure a satisfying[...]

Jet Charter- Icarus Aircraft Database Manager For The Smooth Running Of Aircrafts

Author- Ms Robyn Cooper +19723641833 Ms Cooper is a Senior Manager and Charter Broker with Icarus Jet Inc I am excited to pass on my knowledge of the charter industry to make it easier for our clients to better understand the Charter market and the role that we play in it as brokers. At Icarus, we are part of a large database provided by Avinode. This World renowned Data provider helps keep the Jets flying with high efficiency. They list all the brokers and operators with aircraft and their availabilities. Essentially everyone is a part of this system so they can know the exact details of the aircraft,its performance,interior and[...]