Bodrum- Private Jet Charter to Dalaman-Izmir

Private jet charter- Bodrum, Izmir, Dalaman, Turkey

The Agean blue. Bluer and colder than the Carribean, but its blue is a different shade and has an old world charm. The charm of the east, where Europe starts to fade away, yet you can still see the Greek Isles from your window. When one speaks of the Aegean in the USA in terms of luxury private jet travel, people seldom speak of Turkey. A NATO member and USA ally, it is still a far reach for most private jet charter travelers as they hit the breaks on the shores of Mykonos and Santorini. So, I chartered a private jet to a city on the shores of the Aegean,[...]

Luxurious Citation Sovereign in Cairo

Icarus Jet – Citation Sovereign

When looking for a private jet for charter, one of the main variables you will consider is the safety. 80% of the charter market will only charter with an Operator who has been audited by Wyvern and ARGUS with ISBAO stage audits. Here at Icarus Jet, we have the same standard operation procedure, and we only charter our aircraft with the highest audits completed. Everything else is secondary when it comes to the aircraft selection, but they’re nonetheless least of the Important variables. For example, the costs of chartering a private jet can vary depending on the type of aircraft, geographical location, time of year and services provided, and some[...]

Icarus Jet Helicopter Charter in Kenya

Icarus jet is recognized globally whether it is VIP jet charter, Air ambulance or helicopter charter in the Greek isles. For over 7 years Icarus jet has created relations with the most prominent operators globally. With success of the helicopter charter in the Greek isles, Naples and Capri, we are proud to introduce Helicopter charter out Kenya and East Africa. Fleet of helicopters includes; Bell 505X (single engine, one pilot, 4 pax max) Airbus H125 (single engine, one pilot, 5 pax max) Airbus H130 (single engine, one pilot, 6 pax max) Airbus H145 (twin engine, one or two pilots, 8 pax max) The helicopters are equipped to perform medivac missions[...]

Citation Sovereign

Icarus Jet – Citation Sovereign

When looking for a private jet for charter, one of the main variables you will consider is price. Price often determines your decision on whether or not they charter a specific aircraft. Some other variables that you may consider are the aircrafts interior aesthetics and operator effectiveness. What if I told you we, at Icarus Jet, have access to a private jet charter fleet in Cairo which matching all the criteria listed above? Icarus has access to four luxurious Citation Sovereigns available for private jet charter out of Cairo, Egypt. Our Citation Sovereign comes with a flight attendant on board, fully enclosed lavatory, VIP catering for the passengers, and plenty[...]

Helicopter charter

Helicopter Charters Available Throughout the Greek Isles

Icarus Jet has been performing private jet charter flights in the Greek Isles for over 7 years and have established a great reputation among consumers and operators alike. Our expertise in the area has allowed us to create relationships with the the most prominent private jet charter operators in the region and we have expanded our services to include helicopter charters throughout the Greek Isles. When deciding to choose a helicopter charter in the Greek Isles, there are many benefits to consider which will create an unforgettable luxury experience. Chartering a helicopter around the Greek Isles provides a wide range of flexibility in regards to when and where you can[...]

Mykonos airport slot debacles

Mykonos airport slot debacles

Mykonos is my favorite Island. Apart from Paros when I need my sleep, and Ios when I absolutely need to shut everything down. What has happened to Mykonos? It has absolutely no space left at the airport and although one might look at the empty spaces on the ramp and think “well my G-650 fits like a glove in that south corner”, you will be swiftly denied telepathically, and then in written format once you have made your parking request. It was 2014 summer when two airliner, one taxiing on and the other being pushed back had a wing tip to wing tip high five. Legend has it that the[...]

top 5 beer Selection

Jet charter to Zurich reveals its “Beste Biere”.Our top 5 beer Selection

Zurich is serene, beautiful and ‘Money’. It smells of Swiss greenery and success. A mix of new with the ways of the old. Unlike NYC or Tokyo, it is not rushing to get a Sky scrapping skyline ( almost there as you can see the cranes working over time). It is still taking it one day at a time. A life full of hustle, but at a manageable pace. You can take a train and get out of the hustle in a few minutes, and end up in a quintessential Swiss village with its serenity and peacefulness. So after a business meeting in Zurich with a private jet charter company[...]

Jet-A rates

Jet-A rates- The upward trend

Jet-A. The necessary 35% of your operating cost ( pretty soon you will have a pilot less cockpit so you can count out their salaries as a necessity). How many of us wake up and look at the trend of privet jet and jet fuel? That’s not likely to cross your mind the first thing when you’re sipping on the cup of jot java. You’re more worries about the safety, security and the over-flight and landing rights. Fuel, is a necessity and so what if it was expensive? It’s not like you can do without it. No, I don’t blame you one bit for not caring about the trends in[...]


Mykonos – Santorini Helicopter Transfers

Mykonos, Greece. A shade of blue waters and painted in all white villas. The contrast of the blue Aegean Sea with the white houses perched atop the hill is breathtaking. Mykonos as an island has changed so much over the decade that it has evolved from just an uber gay party island in the 1980′s to an island that now serves the vacation needs of everyone. With high net-worth individuals looking for anonymity by the day on their mega yachts to backpacking students on a summer break occupying the hostels and crowding the Suvlaki cafes. It’s hard to find any accommodation during the peak season. And it’s not because for[...]


Icarus Jet introduces a one of a kind G-450 for charter out of Cairo,Egypt

Icarus jet is proud to announce the addition of a Gulfstream G450 in Cairo (HECA) for private jet charters along with four citation sovereigns and two Learjet 35A’s. With the addition of a large jet, we can now do long-range flights with minimum fuel stops. The G450′s long range of 4,350 nautical miles and high cruising speeds can be attributed to state-of-the-art aerodynamic design and increased fuel capacity. It is a superb option for business travelers who prioritize speed, range, reliability, and comfort. With comfortable seating of up to 14 passengers, this aircraft can take you across oceans and continents nonstop. The G450 is also fully equipped for medical evacuations[...]