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Do you ever consider the comfort and convenience while travelling? Or you are so excited that you failed to acknowledge about your comfort? Well, most of the people neglect this when travelling to far away places. They forget about the comfort and convenience level, which can be harmful to our overall health.The recent times that succumbed all this, asked me the need to write this article. We were travelling to one of the city in UK from Dallas, and we never thought that constantly changing commercial flight could be so troublesome. Thus, from that particular time we decided to hire a private jet from dallas to have a convenient journey to any respective place.

So, if you are a passionate and frequent traveller then it’s a must to consider the use of private jets. Private jets would provide you all comfort along with package of safety. You can enjoy the advantage of travelling in the time of your own choice. Thus, with a private charter you can now choose the airport location, the time frame, the charter plane and the people you fly with. And once you hire such private jets, privacy is taken care of, as there won’t be any strangers travelling with your on board. All these features come along with flight, rental services and leases. And that’s the reason that numerous travellers opt for such private aircraft.


Not everyone can afford to purchase a jet aircraft for sale, so satisfy the needs you can always opt to rent such services based on your requirements. You can have the convenience of not standing in such long queues for hours or waiting in airport lounges when flights get delayed or cancelled. The convenience of not going through all airport procedures and saving many hours can be a huge benefit. Isn’t it?

Standing in Airport Queue


Every traveller have their own priorities and based on that you can always wish to customize the services with private jets. Just for example, you can always ask the operator to serve your favourite food, or you can bring your favourite bottle of juice, bagel and any other item you crave with you. Then even you can keep your shoes on and use your phone freely or any other electronic equipment as long as you have a signal. When you charter a private jet there are no size limits on your luggage. Another advantage is you can pack and carry any damn thing you want on your jet, will make your trip easier and less stressful.

There are lots of benefits and positives attached to the aircraft ownership. Two important factors, safety and security are connected with rented or private jet aircraft. There are no chances of missing your luggage or having any instance of facing any undesirable co-passengers travelling with you. Thus with numerous advantages it is beneficial to have your private jet and travel to any place whenever you are in need.


DISCLAIMER: All flights are operated by Part 135 carriers. Operators providing services for our clients must meet standards set forth by the FAA / EASA and relevant DGCA for safety, security and service. Icarus Jet does not own or operate aircraft under FAA Part 135 or EASA AOC. Icarus Jet is solely an Air Charter Broker.

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