Meet the Crew

Yulia Singh – Managing Director

Office : +1 (972) 364.1833

“We will take you Everywhere”


If you had asked me what my passion would be 10 years ago, corporate aviation wouldn’t have crossed my mind. In my previous life, I was a marketing and brand manager for a Russian railroad company. I didn’t think that there would be a lot of crossover between the two industries, but I have found so many parallels between my previous position and corporate aviation that the transition has been a comfortable and pleasant experience.

My focus at Icarus Jet is promoting our services in Eastern Europe, Russia and Kazakhstan. Russian being my native language, there was no doubt why I was chosen to promote Icarus and its products as a brand ambassador in this region. Russia, a BRIC nation, has tremendous potential as a market for aviation services and I am fully prepared to exceed expectations in this underserved market.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding our services and I’ll be glad to help you!


Holly Van Heemst – Global Sales Representative

Office : +1 (972) 364.1833

“We will take you Everywhere”

Icarus Jet is very pleased to announce our newest member of our team, Ms. Holly Van Heemst. Ms. Van Heemst will be joining us as a Global Sales Representative effective July 4th 2015. She will be handling sales of Trip Support, Jet-A, Aircraft Management, Aircraft Insurance and VAT/MOT refund.

Ms. Van Heemst is a certified Commercial Pilot with a SIC type in the GIV,C 500 and Global Express. She’s a graduate from Embry Riddle Aeronautics University with a Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics ( Minor in Aviation Management and Aviation Safety).

Additional news, we are delighted to say, Icarus Jet will have a presence this year at NBAA in Las Vegas (November 17th-19th). Please welcome Ms. Holly Van Heemst to our team and come by our booth to see us at NBAA!

Matias Cedro

Office : +1 (972) 364.1833

“We will take you Everywhere”

Capt Matias Cedro has joined the Icarus Sales team as of March 2016 and we are delighted to have amongst ourselves, an Embry Riddle graduate with an associates degree in Professional Aeronautics. Mr Cedro not only brings his experience as a sales manager but also a fully qualified ATPL FAA and a JAA certificate holder. Capt Matias has commercially flown In Africa,Europe and South America. Aviation being his passion, he has ferried many aircraft around the Globe. He is fluent in Spanish,Italian and English.

Capt Matias will be handling all the charter sales In the EU, South/Central America. With his years of experience, we are going to take the efficiency of Jet charter to the next level and simultaneously making the Jet charter cost entirely transparent and cost effective.

Kamran Khan – International Trip Support and Flight Planner

Office : +1 (972) 364.1833

“We will take you Everywhere”

Safety and comfort make a trip more pleasurable. Throughout my career my primary focus is to satisfy a client’s demand ensuring flights are safely and efficiently planned, cleared, and monitored in accordance with established standards and regulations.

Being an Icarus representative, my primacies are to do trip support including route planning and generate a flight plan along with a review of weather conditions, aircraft status, and other operational aspects of maintaining smooth airline operations. Providing information pertaining to Weight and Balance computation with a flight release, which includes total fuel requirements and aircraft weight limitations.

ICARUS team is working 24 hours a day to offer you a guaranteed smooth operations with all dedication to take you everywhere.

John Fowler – Senior Aviation Consultant

Office : +1 (972) 364.1833

“We will take you everywhere.”


I love to fly so much that I’ve made a career out of it since I was 19 years-old. From my beginnings in the military to my current civilian job flying a FAR 135 Turbojet as an international captain, I’ve seen all of the ins and outs of the aviation business and I’m proud to bring my expertise to Icarus Jet. I have a flight instructor rating on helicopters, airplanes and instruments and about 23,000 hours (if you round up slightly) of flight experience.

If you have any question regarding the management of your aircraft, I can help you. Need to look at your expenses? Hire a crew? Buying or selling an aircraft and want a fair assessment of the price? Do you think you’re spending too much money on the maintenance of your jet? Not sure about regulations, taxes or permits in a given country? Give me a call, I’ll help you sort it all out!

Yousuf Ali LL.B. (Hons) – Insurance Consultant

Cell : + 44 (0) 7730666438

Office : + 44 (0) 20 7183 8551

“We will take you Everywhere”

Yousuf joins Icarus after a distinguished 4 year career in general aviation and airline insurance. He comes from a city accredited Lloyd’s brokerage firm that has a strong global presence. Yousuf also brings his knowledge of the law (JD) and his several recognized industry qualifications in insurance. Yousuf has developed a great market relationship over the course of his career, working with several high profile clients all over the globe. When Yousuf quotes your insurance rate, you know you’re getting the most custom package available from the best providers at the most fair rate in the industry. Having trouble with your aircraft insurance? Need any advice on your coverage levels and premium? Give Icarus Jet a call and let Yousuf help you obtain the best coverage around!

Adam Itani

Cell : +1 469-422-5096

“We will take you Everywhere”

I am currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Texas at Dallas, but I am also on the fast track to receiving my MBA. I have a growing passion for aviation, entrepreneurship, and the continuous expansion of my expertise. My goal is to foster significant experience, reputation, and relationships in the aviation industry while continuing my education, and achieve my MBA. I hope to carry my leadership, perseverance and charisma into my professional career as a Charter broker. At Icarus Jet, I’ve been given the opportunity to learn the trade of Charter brokerage and also Icarus Jet is sponsoring me towards my Private Pilot certificate. I am very excited with my new venture and I look forward to assisting my clients by providing them with the most wonderful experience In Jet charter.