Icarus is Proud to Introduce a Cutting Edge App

Icarus Aircrew App for the Apple and Android Platform It has been a long and arduous road to success In creating an app for our crew members. This took a lot of trial and errors, but with a strong cooperation of the Pilots and the Flight attendants, we are finally here. So let’s Chat with the dispatch, check the NAT notams, Download flight plans and check the Weather, claim your rewards points and check the balance of your Icarus rewards. The main purpose of this app is to reduce the communication expense by using the chat function. The crew can have a conversation directly with the Dispatch team 24/7. The[...]

Icarus Jet Introduces an Innovative Trip Support Program

Icarus Jet is introducing an innovative trip support program for aircraft owners and aviation management firms. Managing an aircraft is a highly complicated and time consuming process. Icarus Jet we take the complexities out of managing your aircraft, leaving you time to enjoy it. We will design a tailor-madeAircraft Management Plan to suit your needs by combining the following products; reduced fuel rates, insurance, maintenance services, crew support, tax refunds, tax planning, trip support and flight planning. Icarus Jet is prepared to manage all aspects of your aircraft and provide your flight department with the support they need to attain the highest industry safety and regulatory compliance status.   Icarus[...]