Private Jet Hire to Athens, Greece

Private Jet to Greece Costs

  • Athens-Mykonos OR Mykonos-Athens: EUR 3.750,00
  • Athens-Santorini OR Santorini-Athens: EUR 4.150,00
  • Athens-Heraklion OR Heraklion-Athens: EUR 4.500,00
  • Athens-Thessaloniki OR Thessaloniki-Athens: EUR 5.000,00
  • Athens-Corfu OR Corfu-Athens:EUR 5.200,00
  • Athens-Rhodes OR Rhodes-Athens:EUR 4.900,00
  • Athens-Aktion OR Aktion-Athens:EUR 4.900,00
  • Athens-Kavala OR Kavala-Athens:EUR 5.000,00
  • Athens-Kefalonia OR Kefalonia-Athens:EUR 4.900,00
  • Athens-Zante OR Zante-Athens:EUR 4.800,00
  • Athens-Chania OR Chania-Athens:EUR 4.800,00
  • Athens-Samos OR Samos-Athens:EUR 4.700,00
  • Athens-Mytilini OR Mytilini-Athens:EUR 4.800,00
  • Athens-Kos OR Kos-Athens:EUR 4.700,00
  • Athens-Karpathos OR Karpathos-Athens:EUR 4.600,00
  • Athens-Kalamata OR Kalamata-Athens:EUR 4.600,00
  • Athens-Ioannina OR Ioannina-Athens:EUR 4.800,00

Athens Airports within 50 Miles

  • Tatoi Airport, LGTT, Dekelia, Greece
  • Elefsis Airport, LGEL, Athens (Athinai), Greece
  • Eleftherios Venizelos Airport, LGAV, ATH, Athens (Athinai), Greece
  • Megara Airport, LGMG, Megara, Greece
  • Tanagra Airport, LGTG, Tanagra, Greece
  • Hydra Helipad, LGHY, Hydra, Greece
  • Skyros Airport, LGSY, SKU, Skiros Island, Greece
  • Skiathos Airport, LGSK, JSI, Skiathos, Greece
  • Tripolis Airport, LGTP, Tripolis, Greece
  • Syros Airport, LGSO, JSY, Syros, Greece

  • Athens Weather

    • Precipitation
    • Max Temp
    • Min Temp
    • Humidity
    • Wind Speed
    • Fri
    • Aug 17
    • 0°MM
    • 32.3° C  90.1°F
    • 24.2° C   75.6°F
    • 38
    • 11.5°K /7.2°M
    • Sat
    • Aug 18
    • 0°MM
    • 33° C  91.4°F
    • 24.2° C   75.6°F
    • 33
    • 26.3°K /16.3°M
    • Sun
    • Aug 19
    • 0°MM
    • 32.6° C  90.7°F
    • 23.5° C   74.3°F
    • 35
    • 35.3°K /21.9°M
    • Mon
    • Aug 20
    • 0°MM
    • 31.6° C  88.9°F
    • 23.5° C   74.3°F
    • 42
    • 35.3°K /21.9°M
    • Tue
    • Aug 21
    • 0°MM
    • 30.6° C  87.1°F
    • 22.9° C   73.2°F
    • 40
    • 28.1°K /17.4°M

    Private Jet Charter available on our Learjet 35

    Icarus Jet has established a direct lease of two Lear 35 A out of Athens Airport for private jet hire to and from Greece. Under the Charter and direct Operation of Epsilon, Icarus has established a highly popular private jet charter route from Athens to the Greek Islands like Mykonos, Santorini, Paphos, Zakynthos, Crete and nearby Islands of Larnaca, Cyprus, and Malta. The Lear 35 can carry 6 passengers comfortably and is one of the most cost effective private jet hire in Greece.

    So, now that you know some of the private jet costs to Greece, as well as the benefits of private jet charter, it’s time to take a look at few must-see experiences. It would be tragic to come to Athens without visiting the Acropolis. A UNSECO World Heritage Site, this iconic citadel’s three temples date back to the fifth century BC and include the legendary Parthenon, a marvel of classical architecture. Then discover relics from inside the ancient archaeological wonder, such as imposing statues and intricate stone carvings, at the nearby Acropolis Museum

    Continue to delve into Athenian history at the city’s oldest residential quarter, the charming village of Plaka, wandering down narrow cobbled streets and admiring Byzantine temples and neoclassical mansions. Peruse Greece’s oldest private collection of art at the Benaki Museum, including two early El Greco paintings, and watch a traditional changing of the guard at Syntagma Square. For a sweeping view of the historic city, catch the train up Mount Lycabettus – active types can ascend on foot along a steep zig-zagging path.

    Athens is not only a prime location for private jet hire in Greece; it also offers a diverse range of shopping opportunities. For luxury designer brands, visit the upmarket Kolonaki neighborhood or head to the city’s most elite department store, Attica. Fans of high-street fashion will love Ermou, the city’s main shopping street, and award-winning retail hub Golden Hall, while vintage lovers will find a range of treasures such as first-edition books and ancient coins at Antiqua.

    There’s an eatery to suit every taste in Athens, from traditional tavernas to fine-dining fusion restaurants. Tuck into authentic Greek cooking at Psaras, a charming taverna dating back to 1898, or dine on a romantic terrace with views of the Acropolis at Strofi. The city also boasts several Michelin-starred foody havens, including seafood diner Varoulko and modern Mediterranean restaurant Funky Gourmet.

    Athens offers several luxury hotels for the discerning traveler. For classic luxury opt for King George, a former royal residence which has hosted illustrious former guests including Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe, or the opulent Hotel Grande Bretagne with its Beaux-Arts marble lobby and restored antique furniture. If you prefer a more contemporary base, the hip AthensWas is a sleek enclave featuring modernist furniture and a rooftop bar and restaurant. You can check out more fun things to do and encounter here while on your visit to Greece.

    Next time you plan a trip to Greece, think of Icarus Jet. We have the most efficient and cost effective private jet hire options all over Greece, with connections to all the prominent private jet aircraft, as well as extensive knowledge of the areas and opportunities for entertainment. In addition to private jet charter, we offer helicopter charter around the Greek Isles. View the helicopters available for private charter in Greece

    If you have any questions about private jet cost in Greece or are looking for a quote for private jet charter, please contact us. Simply contact our team and we’ll arrange everything you need to charter a private jet hire to Athens, or anywhere else in and around Greece. We are available 24/7, and here at Icarus Jet we will take you everywhere.

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