Your Fleet

Light Jets


Light jets are the most cost-effective choice for short to mid-range trips. Light jets have an average nonstop range of about 1,500 miles and can travel further and faster than non-jet aircraft. Light jets can access many airports with shorter runways, thereby getting the passengers closer to their ultimate destination.

Average Passenger Capacity: 4-8

Popular Light Jets: Citation II, Learjet 35, Falcon 10, Westwind, Beechjet 400

Mid Jets


Midsize Jet aircraft blend comfort and lucrativeness for medium length flights. With a nonstop range of about 2,100 miles, a midsize jet can travel further, faster and with more comfort then light jets while operating in and out of airports not accessible by the major airlines.

Average Passenger Capacity: 5-9

Popular Mid Jets:Learjet 55, Falcon 20, Hawker 800, Citation VII

Heavy Jets


Heavy jets are paramount executive jets offering top performance and features for long-range flights. Heavy jets have an average nonstop range over 4,000 miles and can travel further with more comfort than smaller jets while operating in and out of airports not accessible to the major airlines. Amenities usually found onboard heavy jets include; a private lavatory, baggage compartments, DVD, satellite phone, fax, and/or a full galley. A flight attendant is usually onboard to provide safety and first class catering.

Average Passenger Capacity: 10-19

Popular Heavy Jets: Global 5000 or 6000, Falcon 7X or 900, Gulfstream 550 or GV

Jet Airliners

Jet airliners are ideal for large groups of people or heavy cargos on medium to long-range flights. Smaller jet airliners are best suited for mid-range domestic transport, while the largest jet airliners can carry hundreds of passengers over thousands of non-stop miles. Jet airliners can be either executive or economy configured.

Average Passenger Capacity: 25-500+

Popular Jet Airliners: Airbus 300, Boeing 727, McDonnell-Douglas DC-10


Helicopters can maneuver in and out of difficult to reach places like big-city congestion or remote locations. They are ideal for small groups of people that need to travel a short distance in good weather conditions. Today’s modern charter helicopters can fly average ranges of 100-350 miles. Helicopter charter enables passengers to hover to take photos of a real estate site, carry the injured to area hospitals, land in locations where there are no available airports and generally get in and out of places faster and easier than with fixed-wing aircraft.

Average Passenger Capacity: 3-10

Popular Helicopters: Bell Jetranger, Eurocopter Twinstar, Sikorsky S76, and Agusta 109