Mykonos helicopter charter

Helicopter charter rates Athens to Mykonos

Mykonos is where the entire world wants to be during the summer time. What brings the celebrated and the unknown to this island that leaves one wishing for more of the blue waters and gorgeous white villas? Well, it has been a celebrity hangout for decades. Those choosing their anonymity hide around Eschoinusa, a smaller rocky outpost with a small village and one restaurant. There is no place to hide in Mykonos, well there are no reasons to. Everyone is a fashionista, and Worlds Billionaires are in the playground. The parties start and they seem to never end (the reason why the breakfast at most hotels serve until 11 am), there is no cover charge to get into a club, everyone is welcome. That’s if you can afford the Mykonos prices. Yes, it can get expensive. You know what they say, “if you want to hang out with the big dogs, you have to bark at the big trees”.
Mykonos helicopter charter
Since 2016, Mykonos Airport has had strict slot time restrictions for private jets and the airlines. Basically, from May to October one can only drop-off their passengers and reposition their private plane elsewhere…and no, you cannot just take it to Athens Airport like we used to. Those days are long gone. Now, after a drop-off into Mykonos airport in the private aircraft, you can only reposition to Athens airport for one or two over-nights. All other nearby airports like Paros, Santorini, Crete and Samos have all NOTAM restricted any overnight parking after a drop-off in Mykonos.
Mykonos helicopter charter
So what are the options now, with heavy slot restrictions and no parking but just a drop off at Mykonos? Icarus Jet offers an exclusively marketed and brokered, one of a kind beautiful Augusta 139 and Colibri H-125 and H-135 helicopters. We are also providing a Robinson 44 (R-44) from Athens. Flight times in the helicopter from Athens to Mykonos is 55 minutes, and we can drop you off Kalo Livadi, Scorpios, Ornos beach. Thus not needing a slot time in or out of Mykonos airport. Some of our magnificent blue water trips on helicopters are from Athens to Mykonos and Mykonos to Paro, Mykonos to Anti Paros, Mykonos to Santorini.

Please note that the helicopters fly in day time only and there are no flights offered at night time. There are weight restrictions on the luggage and the passengers, so please make sure that all the weights of the baggage and the passengers are listed correctly during the time of booking.

Written by Kevin Singh

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