Jet Charter to The Top 5 Ski Resorts in the US

Dec 11, 2021

1. Sun Valley, Idaho

Sun Valley Idaho

Pioneer of the North American contribution to international ski competitions; Sun Valley has hosted many contests since the 1930s. The resort’s passionate love affair with alpine skiing is revitalized by its rich history. The snow-capped peaks of the Baldy are nature’s precious gift for skilled skiers. The truth is that the diversity it offers is the most appealing part about Sun Valley. Everyone gets to take part in the winter zest. Fun-loving travelers can easily spend their time at Dollar Mountain instead. The trails cater more to beginners than those at Bald Mountain. 

The nearest local airport to Sun Valley is only a fifty bucks car ride covering 15 miles. More than 30% of the traffic at the Friedman Memorial Airport at Hailey consists of private jet flights. The airport is the gateway for Sun Valley’s Christmas customers; the holiday season brings in the most business for this region. The airport offers free parking for the first 30 minutes. Scheduled for a month-long rehabilitation project, the airport will remain closed from 18th April to 17th May 2022. Atlantic Aviation is the only FBO listed on the airport’s official website. They provide aircraft fuel (100LL & Jet-A), de-icing, and hangar facilities. Atlantic Aviation can be reached at their contact number; +1 208-788-9511. The airport does not remain open beyond 9 p.m.

The Magic Valley Regional Airport is the closest domestically employed airfield from Sun Valley at a driving distance of 89 miles. It should take between half an hour and two to cover the distance from Twin Falls by car, and even less by helicopter charter. Around 15% of the traffic is on-demand private jets. Reeder Flying Service is the primary FBO located on the premises. They have been in business at Magic Valley since 1941. Reach out to them at +1 208-733-5920. Aircraft maintenance is provided by Avionics Shop, Inc & Myers Aircraft Service Inc. Several vehicle rental players are also listed on the airport’s webpage. Long-term and short-term parking is indefinitely free. 

2. Big Sky, Montana

Big Sky Montana

Don’t be fooled by the theatrical and artistic leanings of Big Sky – this is the resort well suited for introverts who shy away from bustling crowds. The Beartooth Ranges cushion the second-largest ski area in the US. After the Moonlight Basin was integrated into the same label, the resort is miles and miles of thick snow. The Blue Bubble Chairlift currently offers the continent’s speediest ride to the top, so boarders and skiers can manage their time effectively. The specialty about the apres-ski is that it’s nothing special in itself – just a hearty, relaxing meal after zipping all day long. 

The most conveniently located airport near Big Sky is the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport. The state’s busiest airport is 50 miles away from Big Sky, and air taxi traffic is limited to 12%. The airfield has three asphalt runways, and the Yellowstone National Park is a picturesque ride away. Premium short-term parking and long-term economy parking are free for the first hour.  The maximum consecutive days of overnight parking allowed in the overflow lot is 30. Jet Aviation Bozeman (+1 406-388-1351) is one of the longest operating FBOs on-site. Yellowstone Jet Center (+1 406-388-4152) is another experienced player.  

3. Palisades Tahoe, California

Palisades Tahoe California

Averaging at 37-feet of annual snow, the Palisades Tahoe ski resort recently went through a label change. Formerly known as the Squaw Valley, it merged with the Alpine Meadows Resort to claim the title of the largest skiing area in the Tahoe region. Good news for experienced slalom players but questionable for novices; 50% of the pistes in Palisades Tahoe are challenging. However, 15% of the trails are fit for beginner indulgence. One lift pass connects both the resorts through gondolas. Despite the heavy terrain, families visit Palisades Tahoe more than skilled skiers. The general topography is children-friendly, and holidays spent here are an unexplainable mix of frost and sun, just like being on the Cali-Nevada border.

The most easily accessible airport to Palisades is the Reno-Tahoe International Airport, close by hardly 49 miles. The parking fees are based on an hourly rate, with the number of free slots available on their website. Atlantic Aviation (+1 775-858-7300) also offers its services at the Reno Airport, but the newest addition to the fixed-based operators at the airfield is Stellar Aviation (+1 775-800-4244). During the COVID restrictions, around 2940 monthly charter passengers traveled through the airport in 2021. This number climbed from less than 1000 passengers in 2020. Statistics like these restore faith in the safety measures at the airport. 

4. Vail, Colorado

Vail Colorado

Nothing captures the American ski dream like the generously lavish nightlife of the Vail resort in Colorado. The endless back-bowls coupled with well-groomed pistes are frequently described by skiers as heaven on earth. While 53% of the runs are suitable for advanced boarders, the rest are preserved for beginners. The dining options are exquisite, and the apres-ski is worth swooning over. The pit-stops atop the bowls provide an incredible smoked-meat cuisine. 

The Eagle Country Regional Airport in Gypsum is located merely 36 miles off from Vail. Although the elevation and terrain approach may be responsible for categorizing the airfield landings into the list of most challenging ones, a private jet charter is the most popular means of commuting. One special ILS requires specific training for the pilots. Bombardier & Embraer jets constitute a significant portion of the business jet traffic. Furthermore, parking is charged at a daily rate. The leading FBO is the Vail Valley Jet Center (+1 970-524-7700) which received critical acclamation from business journals. 

5. Stowe, Vermont

Stowe Vermont

The West has its fair share of incredible ski ranges. When it comes to the East Coast, no resort can top Stowe. The prices are tricky, but the luxury services hardly fall short.  Best friend to the color green during the summers, Mount Mansfield is a fertile highland perfect for hiking. As soon as the white winter hue hits the town, their relationship turns icy. Downhill skiing is the only possibility here because Nordic style is not feasible. Lifts number to more than ten, but gondolas are restricted to two.

The Burlington Airport, just 37 miles from Stowe, caters to both military and civil air transport. The parking rates are counted by hours up to 4 hours, beyond which a daily rate is applied. Reservations are not a requirement, and the facility works round the clock. The only FBO in service at the airfield is Heritage Aviation (+1 802-658-8382). They offer maintenance, courtesy cars, etc. On-demand jet charters constitute 13% of the total flights at Burlington Airport. Visitors to Stowe can charter a helicopter from this location to arrive at the ski resort in a style representative of the “Ski Capital of the East”.

Icarus Jet offers helicopter and private jet rentals to all the top ski resorts in the US throughout the year. We cater to personal flights to several resorts not mentioned in this list as well. Be it Aspen, Park City, Steamboat Springs etc. Call us at +1-888-277-7203 to inquire about price quotes or send us an email at to ask about queries.

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