Meet the Private Jet Crew

Yulia Klyukina - Managing Director

"We will take you Everywhere"

If you had asked me what my passion would be 10 years ago, corporate aviation wouldn't have crossed my mind. In my previous life, I was a marketing and brand manager for a Russian railroad company. I didn't think that there would be a lot of crossover between the two industries, but I have found so many parallels between my previous position and corporate aviation that the transition has been a comfortable and pleasant experience.

My focus at Icarus Jet is promoting our services in Eastern Europe, Russia and Kazakhstan. Russian being my native language, there was no doubt why I was chosen to promote Icarus and its products as a brand ambassador in this region. Russia, a BRIC nation, has tremendous potential as a market for aviation services and I am fully prepared to exceed expectations in this underserved market.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding our services and I'll be glad to help you!

Hagen Fernandes – Chief Operating Officer

"We will take you Everywhere"

The year 2022 has only just commenced, blessing the Icarus team with a seasoned expert from the Emirates. Hagen's professional experience ranges from leading flight operations to ensuring compliance standards. He developed his expertise over a decade-long involvement with global civil and military aviation.

In the UAE, Hagen receives credit for managing smooth operations across multiple private aviation firms. In addition to his commercial pilot certification, Hagen has also acquired FAA accreditation as a flight instructor. Previous placements as a Senior Flight Dispatcher, Ground Ops Manager, and a Flight Planner have polished Hagen's abilities over time.

Hagen's personal values passionately resonate with the culture at Icarus. As part of the Icarus family, he bridges channels between aircraft operators and potential clients. The effective execution of Hagen's skillset serves as the critical focal point to managing all key relationships. Please feel free to reach out to him for any requests.

Gurtej Dhanjal - Director of Ops

"We will take you Everywhere"

Gurtej Dhanjal has joined the Icarus Jet charter family since the beginning of 2018. He brings with him, an extraordinary wealth of knowledge of aviation. Whether it be Maintenance or Private jet charter, luxury travel In the Masai Mara using the Grand Caravans to a Global Express. Entrusted with the Private Jet travel market in Kenya and Tanzania, Gurtej brings the knowledge of the Masai Mara to Icarus Jet. Fluent in Swahili, English, and Hindi gives him the ability and the knowledge to bridge the cultural gaps and communicate across the language barrier. Gurtej is an AP mechanic by trade and aviation is a passion since his childhood.

Sanoop T.P - Flight Dispatcher

"We will take you Everywhere"

Sanoop T.P has joined the Icarus Jet family in the summer of 2019. An avid aviation professional with more than ten years of experience in International Trip-Support, flight planning, and a strong educational background in General aviation, Sanoop brings with him a culture of safety and efficiency like no other. He is an Aeronautical Engineer and Flight Dispatcher with World-wide experience in over-flight and landing rights and Meteorology.

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