Private Jet Charter and Empty Leg Flights

A scheduled airline has so much data available that they can easily predict the cost of their tickets by the seats and per mile at the press of a button. A scheduled airlines variables cost is hardly a variable anymore. With operations from the dawn of the industry itself, they can sell you a ticket to their destinations which might be cheaper than the cost of an Uber on a New Year’s Eve. But what about a private jet charter? The difference in cost could differ exponentially for the same exact trip quoted by two different operators. The variables involved you ask?

  1. The position of the Aircraft from your departure airport
  2. The category of the aircraft quoted (Light Jet vs Mid Size Jet)
  3. Fuel surcharge or an extra assumed international trip fee.

The assumption has always been that the client is wealthy and probably doesn’t care about the savings, but contrary to this popular belief, the clients are actually well informed about the private jet charter rates. How? Well, Google and the expansion of fractional ownership like NetJets, Vista Jet and Solairus Aviation, the client has numerous sources to consult with and price check their quotes. But can one really save on a private jet charter with empty leg flights? Let’s discuss the pros and cons of the empty leg charters.

Private Jet Charter Empty Leg

What is a Private Jet Charter Empty Leg?

Let’s say, for example, that you have requested a charter flight from Dallas Love Field Airport to Teterboro Airport for the last minute meeting in New York City. When you receive the quote from an operator, this quote will be quoted as a round trip; Dallas to Teterboro then Teterboro to Dallas. But are you coming back with the private jet on its return leg to Dallas Love Field Airport? Well, you would like to but your return date is a few days away and you can’t possibly keep the aircraft waiting around for your return because of the enormous cost of keeping it on the ground. Remember, you paid for a round trip but have only utilized a one-way. This scenario happens over and over again and we waste so much of our valuable time and wealth with these kinds of private jet charters. Is there a solution? You bet! We are here to analyze your jet charter route and save you time and make your jet charter safer and more cost-effective.

Private Jet Charter Empty Leg Alert

How do we curate your jet charter needs? As soon as we receive your request with your schedule we send an alert via our partners and also private jet charter apps, basically informing every aircraft operator about the need of a one-way jet charter from the departure airport to the destination as per the schedule. We can guarantee that our one-way charters will be least 45-75% more cost-effective than a regular charter. Please subscribe to the one-way charter email list and let us know what airports you are interested in. We will periodically send you the empty legs available to and from your departure and destination airports.

Pros and Cons of an Empty Leg Charter

Pros- Significant savings on private jet charter cost. They are completely safe and highly recommended by the NBAA and the FAA.

Cons- They require a certain amount of flexibility with your trip schedule and possible departure and/or destination airports.

The Most Offered Empty Legs on Private Jet Charters

How much does it cost to charter a private jet?

Written by: Kevin Singh

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