Aircraft Maintenance

Icarus Jet is proud to offer Airworthiness and Maintenance Management. We are fully capable of continuing airworthiness of aircraft, Globally and Locally. Icarus Jet has Maintenance support employees in Dallas,texas and London,U.K, both reachable via email and direct line at +1 972 364 1833 and +44 020 718 38551.

Our Maintenance engineers will make sure that all flights take place with-

1 – Maintained and airworthy condition

2 – Valid Airworthiness certificate

3 – Approved maintenance program

Maintenance management is the task of deciding, by consultation, on what work is required, scheduling maintenance, and agreeing with maintenance team. We will help you in considering airworthiness responsibilities, financial constraints, fleet availability and forward planning. All your Airworthiness and Maintenance work  will be done in accordance with an approved program.

At Icarus Jet, -Airworthiness and continued Maintenance- will be accomplished with both -Directives- operational and Airworthiness. The modification and repairs will be done in accordance with Maintenance program; for  non-mandatory modifications and inspections, we have established policies in place. We deal with different Maintenance programs that suites your needs and will be customized to your particular aircraft.

Audits and oversight are an important function of -CAMO- with Icarus Jet and we take great care of your aircraft by utilizing our engineer’s expertise and periodic maintenance, archiving all technical records, organize and approve all or any modifications.

Please contact us with your queries-

Ashraf G. El Matarawy

Aircraft Maintenance Management

FAA, ICAO Certified

A&P, Avionics Specialist


Ph: +1 817 881 6787

Ph: +2 010 025 87171

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