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Icarus Jet charter has curated a unique helicopter charter service in Athens, Greece. Established in 2011, Icarus Jet charters started the Greek island’s helicopter transfers utilizing the safest fleets of twin-engine helicopters and the single-engine helicopters from Athens to Mykonos. Maximum flight time is 55 minutes.

Icarus Jet is proud to introduce helicopter rental, which includes a wide variety of helicopter tours. Now also available as a sightseeing tour out of Mykonos, Santorini, and Athens. With a presence throughout the Greek Isles and a 24/7 service, we have helipads at Mykonos airport (LGMK), Ornos beach, Kalo Livadi, and the famous Scorpios restaurant. With at least six curated helicopters, we can ensure incredible flexibility for point-to-point travel.

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Helicopter transfers are the safest and easiest way of Island travel in Greece. Especially in the summertime when the tourists converge on these small islands which are just waking up from a sleep of their off-seasons. The Islands of Mykonos, Ios, Paros, Santorini Kos, Samos and Chania, all have either a domestic or an international airport which should make travel easier for the tourists. Still, despite the convenience of the many airports scattered around the Greek Islands, the summertime is a season of heavy airline traffic In Europe. What that does to the families and friends traveling to these smaller far-flung Islands are unimaginable horrors of lost bags and missed connection followed by expensive hotels and all these mishaps for a short vacation of a week that requires inter-island travel. Most missed flights are from Athens to Mykonos and Santorini because of the Inbound flights to Athens. Most of the time, the passengers are rushed through the customs and the Immigration, and they’re able to board their connecting flights to the islands from Athens International airport. Still, their bags are left behind in Athens itself, and that causes a multitude of issues beginning with having no change of clothes to wear In one of the most fashionable Greek islands of Mykonos.

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Athens To Mykonos Helicopter Charter

There are some limitations to the helicopter charters in Greece. All helicopter rentals are only allowed to operate from Sunrise to Sunset for safety reasons. There are further passenger and luggage weight limitations. A helicopter’s performance is severely limited by the number of bags (we will always ask you for the dimensions and the weight of the luggage and the number of passengers and their weights). It is prudent to stick with your take-off and arrival times as the Greece helicopters (especially Athens helicopter charter and Santorini helicopter charters) get extremely busy. The cancelation charges are 100% of the charter rates if canceled 72 hours before the departure.

Icarus Jet charter can arrange a pick up for you right at the Athens International Airport terminal after you clear the customs and Immigration and take you to the helipad with your luggage. The convenience of using Athens to Mykonos helicopter transfer is

  1. Safest mode of travel
  2. Fastest ride from point to point
  3. Privacy
  4. Cost-effective


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Safety First

We never compromise when it comes to the safety of our clients. All of our vendors and aircraft operators have to pass through a rigorous background check and a safety audit by either Wyvern or Argus. Both of the audits have set a benchmark for the aviation industry where every aspect is taken into consideration.

Reward Program

It’s easy to join and very easy to earn — Just buy Trip Support and the Jet Fuel on the same trip and get funded 25 USD per crew on that trip. Once you’re funded, the rewards points don’t expire and can be redeemed anytime using a reloadable American Express® card, so you can get whatever you want wherever American Express is accepted around the globe.

Meet the Crew

We have formed a family at Icarus who are the best and brightest of the Aviation industry. We speak multiple languages and we cover multiple continents. We are Maintenance engineers to Pilots to highly skilled Legal Aids and Flight Dispatchers. With a passionate heart for all things Aviation, we are here to serve your every need.

Why Icarus

Icarus Jet is a private jet charter firm based in Dallas, TX, London, U.K, Dubai, UAE, and Nairobi, Kenya with the capabilities to handle all of your luxury private jet charter needs. We have the highest safety rating when it comes to private aircraft charter and private jet management. Our tagline We will take you everywhere is not just a reference to travel, it’s our way of thinking.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We do a lot of business over in Europe for the summer. It was great to have a U.S. Staff present during off-European hours to communicate with. The staff communicates clearly, concisely, and includes multiple team members so that there’s redundancy at all times. I couldn’t more highly recommend these guys.

Matthew winer

Great team, eager to provide adequate service, and highly motivated. I have been in contact with Icarus since it inception. The company culture is adopts diversity and an International outlook that meets the requirement of corporate aviation worldwide. I see it as a company that will go places in the next 5 years, provides excellent service and options tailored to individual client needs. With a proper exposure campaign Icarus will stand out and claim its rightful market share.

Dean Itani

An Efficient and Reliable Service Provider, ICARUS has been providing flight planning services to our operations for about a year now and during the period they have proven to be very efficient, reliable and consistent. I think this is what every customer expect from a service provider. ICARUS will always meet your expectations and go the extra mile to ensure a safe and hitch free operations.


Empowering Humans and leaving a trail of genius

Passenger safety and privacy are top priorities at Icarus Jet. Please call our analysts to book your private jet charter today.