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Frequently Asked Questions

Jet Charter

1Can a private jet fly internationally?

Of course, it can! But route matters. A private aircraft can land at any suitable airport. Frequent flyers prefer to land on smaller, non-commercial airports; no waiting in queues of swarming crowds once you land. It is safer, quicker, and efficient. Multi-leg flights with multiple destinations require charter analysts at Icarus Jet to remain consistently updated about aerial cabotage....Read More

2What are empty legs?

Imagine a client requesting a one-way charter from Dubai to London. After they land in London, consider yourself wanting to fly from London to Dubai with a limited budget on short notice. Analysts at Icarus Jet will scan for any last-minute empty legs on your desired route. We will search for an empty sector airplane which is scheduled to take off from London and return back to its home-base in Dubai. A rerouted empty leg is also a possibility, where you may wish to land at a destination between London and Dubai....Read More

3How are floating fleets different compared to regular charter and empty legs?

Empty legs may be the most cost-effective method of chartering a private aircraft, but they are not the only way to book cheap private jet flights. Floating fleets are 60% less costly compared to regular charters because they rely on operators who own many homogenous types of aircrafts in several locations. They swap crew and pilots on whichever station they land on with never having to store their entire fleet on a single site. A whole fleet of Hawker 850s across the state capitals of the US facilitates most charter requests from within the US. ...Read More

4Why is the owner not approving my charter?

There exist several reasons why your charter requests may be rejected by the owner. They are not liable for publicizing their private rationales after declining requests. The predominant factor guiding such refusals is usually the owner’s own schedule. The client and the owner may wish to board during the same time of the day on a specific date. Some owners possess Heavy Jets for which they are not willing to lease for flights spanning less than three hours because of limited revenue. Others may be skeptical of the prevalent riskiness of your desired destination....Read More

5What are the different types of private jets I can charter?

Very Light Jets (VLJs) are usually rented by business clients to reach locations deprived of commercial airline services. Weighing enough to seat a range of 4 to 8 passengers, VLJs are even ideal for honeymoon or family excursions. The clientele is majorly made up of corporate employees so work desk and tables are a common feature in these jets. Some of them even provide on board lavatories but may not have enough room for cabin crew. Their baggage capacity is normally under 80 ft2 and they can fly up to a maximum of 2000 nautical miles. The Hawker 400 XP, Bombardier Lear 35A and the Cessna Citation CJ2 are some sweet models in this category....Read More

6What are Icarus Jet Rewards and how do they work?

On every trip that you buy Icarus Jet Trip Support and Jet A, we generate one $50 reward for each pilot. Make that into 4 annual single-pilot trips totaling to $200 in rewards and then you’ll see them in your account. It will take only 3 business days for rewards to fund to your account after achieving the $200 mark. And the good news is that Icarus Jet Rewards never expire!...Read More

7How much luggage can I bring on my private jet?

Conventionally, Light Jets can accommodate only a single item of baggage per passenger; Super Midsize Cabins can hold two sets of individual baggage for each passenger; Heavy Jets are built to store a much larger amount of luggage than frequently required. The Hawker 800 is a fan favorite. The luggage compartment is accessible from inside the cabin with enough room for most passenger requirements....Read More

8Do private jets have Wi-Fi?

The answer varies depending upon the aircraft you choose. Some private jets do not come with this option at all. If internet connectivity is your priority on a private jet flight, ensure that you convey this concern to our Icarus Jet analysts prior to choosing an aircraft. Wi-Fi charges can exceed your expectations if you wish to stream HD quality videos on transcontinental flights. Partly because oceans do not host cellular towers and resorting to satellite internet is costlier. ...Read More

9When should I book a private jet charter flight?

Ideally, an average of 2 months prior. A window as large as 1-3 months allows you to exercise freedom in customizing your private jet experience. Choosing an aircraft of your liking becomes easier. Additionally, the prices are relatively lower compared to flights booked weeks prior to departure. However, only 25% of clients confirm their schedules before the last 2 weeks despite the benefits of renting in advance....Read More

10What in-flight services do private jets have?

Midsize Cabins and up can accommodate flight attendant(s). Heavy Jets can be requested to come with sleeping facilities. Essentially, larger aircraft grants greater utility. On a longer flight, passengers do end up feeling the need to avail all types of service than not. The list of possible amenities is endless....Read More

11What airports can my private jet charter use?

Countries are dotted with far more regional airports than commercial ones. Without worrying about the extensive security measures niche to commercial clearance, regional airports offer easier jet control to pilots owing to their smaller sizes. Additionally, they are commonly located within desirable proximity to passenger destinations....Read More

Helicopter Charter

1Which types of private helicopters can I charter?

Light-Piston Engines have fallen out of corporate favor because they frequently seat only 2 passengers. However, travelling solo or with a single companion is common for passengers of Robinson R22 or Enstrom F28F. Their speeds are marked at an average of 100 miles per hour while they may only lift around 1400 pounds. Individual clients are encouraged to lease light pistons to minimize costs. Customers concerned for the environment are also welcomed to explore these helicopters....Read More

2How much luggage can I carry on a helicopter charter?

Light Piston Engines like the Robinson R22 are perfect for solo travelers with baggage limited to spending half a week at the glittering seaside town of Mykonos. The R22 has under-seat storage for 2 duffel bags, at most. The combined weight of the pilot, passenger, and fuel should not exceed 176 kgs. For Light Turbines and up, space for golfing equipment is a common client request. ...Read More

3Why should I charter a private helicopter?

Time is essentially as significant as money and perhaps, even more so because it can’t be regained. There arise several instances in life where the cost-benefit analysis of helicopter charters ends up saving lives, careers, and futures. Consider the following list:...Read More

4Do helicopter charters have cabin crew?

It depends entirely on the type of helicopter(link to the type of helicopter FAQ) you have rented. Light Piston Engines like the Robinson R22 does not have enough room for a flight attendant. A Robinson R44 can be perfect for an airy and luxurious wedding proposal. It can seat a pilot and a couple with their single crew member. ...Read More

5Are private jets safe?

Private jets present few advantages that they can leverage smartly during any relatively improbable unsafe situation. Firstly, they can steer landings onto any airports nearby. In case of emergencies on board, their size allows them to land on smaller airports where commercial airliners can hardly fit. The United States Helicopter Safety Team attests to the fact that helicopter rides have become two times safer in the 21st century. ...Read More

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