Floating Fleets in Private Jet Aviation

When operators are in control of multiple private jets of the same name and model which fly through diverse venues, they are said to command floating fleets. Through this ownership, the issue of an aircraft’s imperative return to its home-base no longer prevails. The destination and departure timings may be customized by the client. However, aircraft type may only be guaranteed a day before.

How are floating fleets different compared to regular charter and empty legs?

Empty legs may be the most cost-effective method of chartering a private aircraft, but they are not the only way to book cheap private jet flights. Floating fleets are 60% less costly compared to regular charters because they rely on operators who own many homogenous types of aircrafts in several locations. They swap crew and pilots on whichever station they land on with never having to store their entire fleet on a single site. A whole fleet of Hawker 850s across the state capitals of the US facilitates most charter requests from within the US. 

Availability is a trivial matter for floating fleets as opposed to empty legs. Chartering the latter may be based entirely on luck but requests for the former may be catered to 24/7. The price of a floating fleet is roughly 40% of an empty leg undoubtedly owing to a more flexible schedule where timings are not predetermined. Furthermore, choosing a floating fleet over regular charter allows the frequency of empty legs to drop, furthering the environmentalist interests of preserving atmospheric air. Call our analysts at Icarus Jet on +1-888-277-7203 to inquire about the availability of your desired destination for a floating fleet charter.

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