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Besides Eldoret, Kisumu, Jomo Kenyatta, and Moi Airports, other Kenyan airfields are not purely restricted to commercial traffic. Jomo Kenyatta International is the best airfield to utilize as a refueling base. It is regarded as the most prioritized landing and departure strip for private jets. It is crucial to note that all passengers to Kenya must file for an electronic visa for the journey.

Are there any restrictions at airports in Kenya?

All Kenyans and non-Kenyans are bound by the Kenya COVID entry requirements. It is obligatory to show a COVID-19 vaccination certificate upon arrival. However, people with credible medical grounds for not opting for vaccines are exempted. Similarly, individuals who recuperated from the virus are not obligated under the rule either. PCR tests with an attached time limit of 72 hrs are needed for unvaccinated passengers. The antigen tests cost around 80 USD. Children under five years old are ruled out of the mandate. The crew is only exempted from the COVID requirements when the flight is a layover.

Landing permits in the country are mandatory to obtain. The Kenyan airport authorities require a minimum of 72 working hours to approve permits. Landing at HKJK can cost around 700 USD, depending on the aircraft’s take-off weight. The first six hours of parking are free and beyond that, a daily rate is charged. For a plane weighing around 120,000 kgs, the daily rate is $40. The airport also takes air navigation charges and en route fees.

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