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Jet-A is almost 35% of your operating cost. A necessary expense, which the flight departments of all sizes have tried to control, with the biggest breaks coming to the AOC operators by the way of VAT/MOT exemptions. At Icarus Jet, we guarantee a rate reduction of 3-7% for your flight department. We can beat any quote from any vendor, throughout the Globe. If you’re a Non-AOC or FAR part 91 Operator then we are especially beneficial for your Jet-A rate reduction.

Our process of providing a drastically reduced Jet_A is simple. We have bulk purchase capability and we buy from multiple sources. Not only that, but also the fact that many FBOs in our agreement waive your ramp fee with the fuel purchase. Please also bare In mind that you will never have to carry a credit card or any other method of payments as our fuel release Is valid throughout the Globe

Icarus Jet has a phenomenal Crew Rewards Program which rewards each Crew member 50 points each on the purchase of trip Support and Jet fuel on the same leg. Each point is worth One USD and is redeemed using an AMEX provided by Icarus Jet.

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