Icarus Jets Rewards Program is the best crew rewards program in the industry It's easy to join and very easy to earn — Just buy Trip Support and the Jet Fuel on the same trip and get funded 50 USD per crew on that trip. Once you're funded, the rewards points don't expire and can be redeemed anytime using a reloadable American Express® card, so you can get whatever you want wherever American Express is accepted around the globe. We appreciate your loyalty and your business.


Joining is simple ! Signing up couldn't be easier, just give us your information and you're ready to start earning.

  • All participants must be over the age of 18, must provide a valid U.S. social security number and must provide a U.S. street address. This information is required by American Express in order to issue your card.
  • Contract Pilots are not eligible. In the case of contract crews, the rewards go towards the company invoice or the designated full time crew of the company.

Earning Involves Cost savings for your Company

We will beat your current Jet-A rate globally. After $200 has been redeemed, new participants will receive a reloadable American Express card in the mail that contains the cash equivalent to the Rewards you've earned. Existing participants will have their current card reloaded.

  • Awards are issued for Jet-A Fuel and Trip Support purchases on the same trip.
  • The Rewards do not expire and carry over to the next year.
  • Awards can only be redeemed once, and may not be bartered, sold or gifted.

Spend anywhere and Everywhere

Once you've received your card, it can be used for anything you want and anywhere American Express is accepted globally. Any additional Rewards you earn the same calendar year will automatically add funds to your card.





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