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Aviation Safety




Aviation Safety

Safety for jet charter comes through engaging with charter operators who practice extreme safety at all costs. We research safety criteria using NBAA EBAA and other aviation organizations like the Aircharter Safety Foundation, ARGUS, and Wyvern. Icarus Jet Charter is an ARGUS registered member, and we need to achieve our first ARGUS certification.

Safety for Trip Support comes from industry best practices and our SOP, which are enhanced regularly—attending NBAA, EBACE, and MEBAA conventions and developing a solid core of failsafe procedures. Applying for ISBAO certification should be our primary focus.

To ensure safety in the Tech/SEO/Content department, we consult with the VP of Charter, our CFO, and the MD to produce relevant and correct content. The team should review each content for false content, registration number visibility on photos, and use the Safety, Privacy, and Service guidelines in all aspects of their work.

Privacy of Our Clients

 Privacy for the jet charter clients comes through secure wifi, internet, and devices free of viruses and malware. Accessing the internet through an employee’s device on unsecured wifi will result in a data breach and loss of crucial private information. The use of a VPN and running malware scans are mandatory. Never access public wifi on any device that has clients’ personal information. Using WhatsApp as a source for sending and receiving copies of Passports, visas, and credit card information is prohibited. The use of DocuSign to send and receive contracts for jet charters is safe, and dispatcher and charter analysts should not share contracts via text messages or WhatsApp but by email only.

 Privacy in the Trip Support department comes through using devices free of malware and viruses. Use of secure wifi and VPN are mandatory. We strongly recommend a reliable VPN service and encryption software when using public wifi. It will ensure all online activities are protected and that personal information remains secure. Please don’t share passports or documents on WhatsApp or text messages. Trip support teams should insist that vendors purge their systems of all confidential documents after completing trips.

 Privacy in the Tech/SEO/Content departments comes through consulting the VP/CFO/MD for all content and posts. We can never reveal our clients’ identities/ documents/schedules in any of our contents or posts unless we have sought the client’s approval in written format and made them fully aware of where and in what context content creators and SEO will use the media.

Servitude to Our Stakeholders and Clients

 The paradigm of success lies in serving our clients with passion, empathy, and kindness; each departure and arrival is exemplary. The pilots execute each take-off with precision and perform each landing excellently. We frequently communicate with our clients and navigate with our gut feelings and decades of experience; we aviate around the clock across the oceans and continents and procure all landing rights and overflight permits and slots.

Integrity, Innovation, and Diversity

We choose our paths based on moral values: truthfulness and honesty. We communicate with clarity. Employees should immediately address any ambiguity in their behavior or our communication. Innovation is crucial to our success; we can innovate on communication methods, delivery of flight planning, and a better weather readout or reducing fuel consumption and providing sustainability on Jet-fuel. We must innovate daily and weekly and chart our calendars for think tank sessions. Our diversity brings strength in all aspects. We are celebrated Globally for understanding multiple cultures and languages. From the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, we are a diverse group of people with a unified goal of making the private aircraft industry safer and private by providing exemplary service.

Empowering Humans and Leaving a Trail of Genius

Passenger safety and privacy are top priorities at Icarus Jet. Please call our analysts to book your private jet charter today.