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Icarus Jet is an aircraft management and private jet charter brokerage firm based in Dallas, Texas with offices in London, Dubai and Nairobi. We have the highest safety rating when it comes to private aircraft charter and private jet management. Our tagline “We will take you Everywhere” isn’t just a reference to travel, it’s our way of thinking. We are a firm that serves our clients on a global scale with an emphasis on safety, security, convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Icarus Jet is proud to call our employees family. We love working together and serving our clients best interests. When you contact Icarus Jet, you can rest assured that you’re are speaking with an experienced and knowledgeable team. Your safety and the proper management of your asset are our number one priority. Please, feel free to reach out to us today with any of your private jet charter needs. Let us show you what being a part of the Icarus Jet family is all about.

Cost-effective Jet charter rate throughout the Globe

Almost 35 % of operating cost of a private jet chartered aircraft is the cost of Jet Fuel. With Icarus Jet fuel you can save 3-7% annually on the cost of jet fuel alone, hence lowering the the cost of a private jet charter. No matter what size the aircraft is, our fuel is available at more than 3000 airports on a Global scale. The pilots and crew members no longer need to carry Credit Cards or Cash. Just ask for the fuel truck and it will arrive at your private jet at any airport around the World. Ask any one of our sales representatives on how to get your VAT refunded on the purchase of your Jet fuel while in the European Union. You can use our State of the Art application for Apple and Android format to summon a fuel truck anywhere at a moments notice.

private Jet charter fuel

100% dispatch reliable Trip Support

With boots on the ground In Africa, South America, China, and Russia, Icarus Jet can secure any overflight permit within a few hours. This is a unique capability which makes our Trip support even more unique. Using the State of the Art flight planning system, we generate flight plans that are highly optimized for wind and fuel burn. Avoiding costly FIR and designing this tailor-made route over China, Russia and many other countries that close the Airways unannounced, helps our crew members to effectively fly optimized and safer routes. Our flight plan format can be redesigned to fit Uv air, Jeppesen or any other format that the crew might desire.

Icarus Crew rewards program

Aviation Industry best rewards program that’s second to none. Easiest to use and even easier to earn, Icarus Jet crew rewards program cuts the operational cost for the flight department and benefits the hard-working crew at the same time. Fly and buy trip support and Jet fuel together, and earn 50 points for each Crew member. These points are redeemable on an American Express provided by Icarus Jet.

Icarus Crew rewards program

What Our Clients Are Saying

Dean Itani

Great team,eager to provide adequate service and highly motivated.
I have been in contact with Icarus since it inception.The company culture is adopts diversity and International outlook that meets the requirement of corporate aviation worldwide. I see it as a company that will go places in the next 5 years, provide excellent service and options tailored to individual client needs. That with a proper exposure campaign Icarus will standout and claim its rightful market share.


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Dean Itani

Great team,eager to provide adequate service an ...


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First Class Service
Icarus takes care of a ...

A. Fatty

An Efficient and Reliable Service Provider

Sulayman Njie

Your one stop shop for your flight trip support ...

Matthew winer

We do a lot of business over in Europe for the ...

Raul Sepulveda

Spectacular : Excellent team work and professio ...

Rafat Hemedany

Icarus jet is one of the excellent companies we ...

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Working with Icarus Jet has been great! Always ...

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