Jordan Airport Requirements Trip Support

Nov 14, 2022

The largest Jordanian airfield in Amman is called the Queen Alia International Airport. Besides the King Hussein Airport in Aqaba, three other major airstrips facilitate private jet passenger traffic to the country. All of these locations welcome commercial flights from around the globe. Marka Civil Airport in Amman is primarily a good fit for a fuel stop during a private jet journey. On the good side of things, all airfields in Jordan are suitable for general aviation. They are all increasingly receptive to passengers traveling with pets. The country is incredibly secure and immediate assistance for last-minute flights is manageable. 

Are there any restrictions at airports in Jordan?

None of the airfield mandates are difficult to follow, parking is usually available with operational hours stretching around the clock. PPR and slot filing require the trip schedule and airplane information. Overflying permits are approved only if the request is sent at least 24 hours before the scheduled time of flight. For landing permits, the timeframe is shortened to 48 hours before the trip schedule. 

The country has its own set of COVID requirements for entry. All non-citizens coming inside the country are required to visit the Jordanian government portal before departing. Over there, a QR code is secured that needs to be validated by staff before boarding and arriving in Jordan. Passengers who are on connecting flights are exempted, together with Jordanian nationals. Additionally, foreigners have to show documents proving their health insurance. Only diplomats with a valid QR code and patients traveling to Jordan for medical care are relieved of this check. 

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1. What airports In Amman, Jordan, are strictly for commercial flights?

Marka (OJAM) and Queen Alia (OJAI) airports are for Jordan’s private jet destinations and commercial aircraft operations. Icarus Trip support offers Jordan overflight permits and landing rights.

2. Which airports in Jordan are recommended for fuel, Technical stops, and trip support?

Marka (OJAM) and Queen Alia international airport (OJAI) airports are fully equipped to support private Aircraft of any size and need a fuel and tech stop.

3. Are any airports In Jordan that require a simulator or online training?

No special aircraft or crew training is required to fly into either of the International airports in Jordan.

4. Which of these two airports is recommended for general aviation?

For the private jet trip support, we recommend Marka airport (OJAM) as it has a short taxi to the ramp and fast customs clearance and fuel uplift. There’s considerable general aviation traffic into Marka airport, and maintenance and tech support are available for Bombardier and Gulfstream aircraft.

5. Which airports in Jordan are recommended as pet-friendly.

Both airports are equally pet friendly. 

Pet entry requirements. What paperwork is needed to allow pets on board a private aircraft into Jordan? 

The requirements to enter Jordan with a pet are:

1. Vaccination Certificate

2. Health Certificate

3. It is recommended that the Dog must be microchipped

6. Can you assist us with urgent flight support with the permit applications, flight plans, and overfly permits in any list of airports in Jordan?

We can assist with last-minute flight permits and landing permits in Jordan.

7. Is a visa required for arrival, or is a visa on arrival available to visit Jordan for air charter passengers?


VISA FOR PASSENGERS: Visa is issued according to the nationality of the passengers, but for most European nations and the United States, U.K, and Canada, passengers are issued Visas upon arrival.

8. Are there any security and safety concerns?

Jordan is a very safe country. All the airports in Jordan are very safe and secure with state-of-the-art around the clock security provisions.

9. Are there any Airport restrictions?

There are no Airport restriction 

10. Are there any Parking restrictions and availability?

There are no parking restrictions for any private jet charter.

11. Are there any Airport and CQI Operational hours?

Airports are open 24/7

PPR and slot requirements: Flight schedule and Aircraft information.

12. Jet Fuel availability and are there any shortages or Jet-A, Jet Fuel ?

Jet-A is Available 24/7 and there are no Jet fuel shortages.

13. Are there any Active COVID requirements?

There are no COVID restrictions at any Jordanian airports.

Required Time for Trip Planning & Landing Rights at airports:

Overnight permits 

[24] Hours at least before the flight operation date upon receipt of the application

duly completed with all required documents and information.

Landing Permit

[48] Hours at least before the flight operation date upon receipt of the

application duly completed with all required documents and information

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