Airport Weight Restrictions

Most airfields have weight brackets in place for landing and parking costs. For example, in Greece, aircraft weighing more than 10 tons cannot pay a fixed landing fee. Instead, a charge per MTOW is applied. The plane tonnage matters, with higher MTOW jets landing faster and taking off much slower. Additionally, runway conditions for large aircraft require control to eliminate safety risks.

Can a Gulfstream G650 land at airports with weight restrictions?

With a maximum take-off mass exceeding 50 tons, the Gulfstream G650 is a large private jet. Even though it serves the pinnacle of corporate aviation, several airstrips cannot accommodate this legendary plane. Usually, the restriction set for aircraft starts at 50 tons or 45,500 kgs. However, some stations allow landings under a few conditions.

On an Icarus Jet trip to France, the G650 was scheduled to land in Dijon Longvic Air Base, where weight limitations apply. Surprisingly, the landing was successful. Showing a placard indicating the reduced weight of the plane became mandatory. In London, Luton Airport sanctions large jet landings in a similar way. 

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