Aviation Fuels

Gold makes your aircraft fly. That propulsive motion is all thanks to the magical liquids that go into the plane. Several different options exist depending upon the type of airplane. 

What is Jet Fuel?

Jet-A powers general aviation fleets built on turbine engines. Turboprops and jets both sustain on jet fuel constituting kerosene. Beechcraft King Air 350 has a propeller characteristic to turboprops, while Cessna revolutionized the light jet market. Such planes do not require octane to fly. Preservatives in such fuel prevent it from freezing and contaminating. 

What is AVGAS?

Aviation Gasoline is more expensive than Jet-A, traditionally used in piston engine airplanes. The Cirrus SR22 is a global leader in sales of piston planes. AVGAS branches off into numerous grades, with different octane concentrations and lead content. 100LL is the widely available variety, but a global shift to diesel is underway. 

What is SAF?

Sustainable Aviation Fuel is molding the future with its clean and renewable properties. General aviation has always been under the radar for producing air pollution and decreasing global life expectancy. SAF allows flying in comfort without worrying about planetary consequences by reducing carbon emissions by 75%. The infrastructure of the plane does not require any modifications to feed on SAF. 

Sustainable fuels are pricier due to the inconsistent supply of renewable feedstocks, but Icarus provides them at the lowest costs. Head over to buy fuel and save 7% on your purchase.

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