Types of Private Jets

Looking forward to experiencing a smooth flight on a private jet? Before chartering aircrafts, you need to decide on a specific type of aircraft from among Very Light, Midsize, Super Midsize and Heavy jets. All categories are explicitly distinguished by the maximum number of passengers eligible to board the aircraft, their luggage capacities and their range of flight.

What are the different types of private jets I can charter?

Very Light Jets (VLJs) are usually rented by business clients to reach locations deprived of commercial airline services. Weighing enough to seat a range of 4 to 8 passengers, VLJs are even ideal for honeymoon or family excursions. The clientele is majorly made up of corporate employees so work desk and tables are a common feature in these jets. Some of them even provide on board lavatories but may not have enough room for cabin crew. Their baggage capacity is normally under 80 ft2 and they can fly up to a maximum of 2000 nautical miles. The Hawker 400 XP, Bombardier Lear 35A and the Cessna Citation CJ2 are some sweet models in this category.

Midsize Cabin Jets are great for trans-continental travel because they support an average of five hours of uninterrupted air travel. For clients with constant internet connection needs, these are the perfect choice because of their essential power outlets and Wi-Fi services. What’s more is that they’re large enough to host a single cabin attendant. With a maximum capacity for 10 passengers, these jets suit a party of people. The Cessna Citation Latitude can hold more than 120 ft2 of luggage while most Midsize Cabins carry less than that. The Gulfstream G150 is equipped with an entire TV system to entertain its passengers. 

Super Midsize Cabin Jets provide a comfortable flight for an average of more than 3000 nautical miles. Owing to advancing avionics, they significantly reduce the noise pollution in private jets to ensure a relaxing ride for the passengers. Seating may vary from 8 to 12 passengers with a definite over 100 ft2 capacity for luggage. The Cessna Citation Sovereign is equipped with a personal closet while the Bombardier Challenger 350 has its very own refreshment area. 

Heavy Jets are the epitome of luxury, mostly preferred by elite customers. They are spacious enough to house bedding facilities, entertainment areas and private washrooms. With a mean range of 4000 miles, they may hover in air for nine consecutive hours. Gulfstream 350 has a capacity for carrying around 170 ft2 of luggage while the Dassault Falcon 900 can accommodate up to 19 passengers on board. Dripping with elegance, book a heavy jet with Icarus Jet if you want to fly in style with guaranteed peak comfort.

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