Onboard Services for Private Jet Charters

Before chartering a private jet, many potential passengers like to introduce themselves to the facilities available onboard. Several of these depend invariably on the type of private aircraft chartered. Some VLJs re not equipped with personal lavatories, while some Midsize Cabins may not support entertainment centers.

What in-flight services do private jets have?

Midsize Cabins and up can accommodate flight attendant(s). Heavy Jets can be requested to come with sleeping facilities. Essentially, larger aircraft grants greater utility. On a longer flight, passengers do end up feeling the need to avail all types of service than not. The list of possible amenities is endless:

  • TV Screens
  • Personal Showers
  • Customized Cuisine
  • Magazines and Newspapers
  • Bedrooms
  • Refreshment Centers
  • Music and Games
  • Wi-Fi

Special requirements can also be entertained. It all boils down to your choice of aircraft and your decision on the opportunity cost. Absolute luxury can be achieved, even in air! To utilize these facilities, they need to be specified before you sign off the flight; preferably, with your initial request. Icarus Jet analysts will help you guide through the comparative nature of in-flight facilities on several aircraft to end up with a choice that suits you best.

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