Private Jet Empty Legs

Empty legs are one-way repositioning flights primarily employed when an aircraft is bound to take a trip without passengers. They are known to significantly reduce costs of private jet travel due to predetermined customizations. The jet type, departure timings and destinations are independent of client preference. Such flights are only guaranteed a maximum of two days prior to the flight. However, empty legs are the best solution for finding cheap flights, fast. 

What are empty legs?

Imagine a client requesting a one-way charter from Dubai to London. After they land in London, consider yourself wanting to fly from London to Dubai with a limited budget on short notice. Analysts at Icarus Jet will scan for any last-minute empty legs on your desired route. We will search for an empty sector airplane which is scheduled to take off from London and return back to its home-base in Dubai. A rerouted empty leg is also a possibility, where you may wish to land at a destination between London and Dubai. Our operators will negotiate such requests to drop you off at this destination en route. Cost is subsidized by a maximum of 75% because this aircraft has already been partly paid for by the original client who flew from Dubai to London. 

Availability is obviously an issue for such flights and our website may not be able to display all empty leg options due to their rapidly changing nature. It is recommended for all customers to call us for inquiries. If no empty legs can be negotiated to suit your itinerary, we will handpick the next best option for an on-demand charter flight. Operating vacant airplanes is a waste of fuel so capitalizing on empty legs serves to satisfy clients and save the environment as well. For more information on this topic, visit Icarus Jet Empty Legs.

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