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Empty legs. What are they, and how do they make your private jet travel more cost-effective? An empty leg refers to the portion of a flight of a private jet charter that is already paid for to its destination, and it is flying without any passengers on that leg.

This is such a common occurrence in the Jet charter world that the private jet charter industry has come out with a plethora of websites and applications to facilitate a fair revenue generation for the operator and the client to have a more cost-effective trip.

A private jet is always quoted on a round-trip basis. The overnight cost and revenue loss in keeping a chartered jet on the ground waiting will cause an extensive loss of revenue, and this is why clients are always quoted for a round trip but only use it as a one-way. Next, the charter operator sells the unoccupied “empty leg,” which is already paid for, in the charter market.

The savings are significant. Sometimes up to 85% of the charter cost is saved. There are pros and cons to an empty leg charter. It might not always work out on the dates and the exact airport of departure/arrival that the client wants. But if you are into savings on a private jet charter, please ask Icarus Jet charter advisors for a quick empty-leg jet charter quote on your upcoming travel.

Jet Charter empty legs pros and cons

The biggest advantage of a Private Jet Charter empty legs is the cost savings of more than 35 to 85% compared to an on-demand aircraft charter. Every air charter operator offers empty leg flights, but there are pros and cons of booking a private jet empty leg. Let’s look at some of the fine points of empty leg charter flight prices.


  • 1. Savings of 35 to 85% compared to a round-trip.
  • 2. Potentially a larger cabin on the one-way private flight compared to the flight’s price.


  • 1. Empty Leg prices are almost always non-refundable after booking with the aircraft operator.
  • 2. Scheduled flights do not match the departure and the destination airport and may cost extra for the repositioning to the actual airport where the passengers are departing from and to.
  • 3. It is very rare to have a near-match of destination and departure airports and departure times.

Book a Private Jet Empty Leg

All one needs is their date of departure, departure airport, and destination airport, followed by passengers’ numbers. Once you have this information, all you have to do is figure out which air-carrier has the best one-way empty-leg match for your schedule. Even if the flight schedule doesn’t match the destination or the dates, you can still ask for a hard charter quote with your own schedule and see what the charter operator would quote considering their own repositioning fees and extra flying time and landing fees.

When The Private Aircraft Flies An Empty Leg that Means

Why don’t we, as charter brokers and passengers and part 135 operators, come together and solve these wasteful flights by turning them into savings for the private aircraft passengers and profitability for the aircraft operators and charter brokers selling the private jet empty legs? Mind you, that most empty leg private jets are sold as no-frills and without the catering and just standard amenities like water, soda, juices, and coffee. So you might want to check on special dietary requirements if you have any or if you have a longer than 3-hour flight, you may want to add the meals for you and not go hungry on a flight. We have yet to see a jet charter empty leg offered by the seat or shared with other passengers. That’s understandable as it is already difficult to match the itinerary with the aircraft empty leg, let alone try to match that itinerary with other unknown passengers.

Icarus Jet charter highly recommends that you subscribe to its empty leg newsletter that is emailed weekly and call or email us directly with your schedule to see if we can arrange a perfect jet charter. We would love to pass the savings on jet charter empty legs to you and offset the carbon footprint and help the private aviation industry.

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