Empty legs

Empty legs. What are they and how do they make your private jet travel more cost-effective? An empty leg refers to the portion of a flight of a private jet charter that is already paid for to its destination and it is flying without any passengers on that leg. This is such a common occurrence in the Jet charter world that the private jet charter industry has come out with a plethora of websites and applications to facilitate a fair revenue generation for the operator and also for the client to have a more cost-effective travel.

A private jet is always quoted on a round-trip basis. The overnight cost and revenue loss in keeping a chartered jet on the ground waiting will cause an extensive loss of revenue and this is why clients are always quoted for a round trip but, only use it as a one-way. What happens next is that the charter operator then sells the unoccupied “empty leg” which is already paid for, in the charter market.

The savings are significant. Sometimes up to 85% of the charter cost is saved. There are pros and cons of an empty leg charter. It might not always work out on the dates and the exact airport of departure/arrival that the client wants. But if you are into savings on a private jet charter then please ask Icarus Jet charter advisors for a quick empty-leg jet charter quote on your upcoming travel.

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