Owner Approval for Private Charters

Chartering literally refers to the act of renting somebody else’s property for personal use. All private jets and helicopters up for lease require owner approval before proceeding with confirmation of booking. Fresh jet models ordinarily require this process. Most owners do not fly as frequently as the limits standardized in the Part 135 certificate granted by the Federal Aviation Authority. Inevitably, it makes more sense for them to rent their aircraft to operators.  A substantial 90% of charter requests require mandatory owner approval. Operator-owned aircrafts and Light Jets seldom require such formalities.

Why is the owner not approving my charter?

There exist several reasons why your charter requests may be rejected by the owner. They are not liable for publicizing their private rationales after declining requests. The predominant factor guiding such refusals is usually the owner’s own schedule. The client and the owner may wish to board during the same time of the day on a specific date. Some owners possess Heavy Jets for which they are not willing to lease for flights spanning less than three hours because of limited revenue. Others may be skeptical of the prevalent riskiness of your desired destination.

The price is mostly fixed at a standard hourly rate which is subject to the owner’s will. They may also list their own conditions for the passengers e.g. excluding the serving of certain foods on board which may damage the furnishings inside the aircraft. They may even have the authority to receive a list of the passengers or decline requests of travelling with pets. Did the owner disapprove your charter request? Contact Icarus Jet at +1-888-277-7203 and converse with our charter analysts to present the best substitute to your demands.

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