Icarus Jet Rewards

At Icarus Jet, we value customer loyalty. Our services deliver reliable solutions for client needs. To ensure that our clients remain satisfied after choosing us, we have generated a fun way to incentivize purchases. The system is available for all Trip Support and Jet Fuel services.

What are Icarus Jet Rewards and how do they work?

On every trip that you buy Icarus Jet Trip Support and Jet A, we generate one $50 reward for each pilot. Make that into 4 annual single-pilot trips totaling to $200 in rewards and then you’ll see them in your account. It will take only 3 business days for rewards to fund to your account after achieving the $200 mark. And the good news is that Icarus Jet Rewards never expire!

To inquire about your Icarus Jet Reward history, email our accountant at imran@icarusjet.com with your details. Note that contracted crew members are not eligible for this reward. Furthermore, these rewards cannot be transferred, sold or gifted to any other party besides the flight department they were originally issued to. For an annual income exceeding $600, an IRS 1099 Form will have to be issued. Tax will deduct as per government policies.

Icarus Jet Team

Our dedicated Aircraft support team is available to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Kevin Singh

Kevin Singh

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Vice President Charter Operations

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Managing Director of Trip Support

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