Helicopter Charter from Turkey to Greece

Yes, it is possible to charter a helicopter between the two countries. Bodrum and Mykonos, separated by the Aegean Sea, remain the most desired vacation spots in the region. Therefore, requests for charters between the two cities are frequently processed. Especially within the summer months, air traffic increases by 53 times. Accommodation for 200K international passengers at Mikonos Airport in June 2022 is the norm.

What is the process of chartering a helicopter from Turkey to Greece?

A few specifications need to be kept in mind while flying this route. The copter must have full insurance covering its stay in Turkey, and only documents submitted in Turkish are accepted. Additionally, security clearance is mandatory before passengers can board the jet. The direct transfer of passengers onto the heli is not possible in the Turkish nation.

Icarus Jet is keen on serving tourists to the Greek Islands. We provide helicopter charter services in the country diligently. The cost of charters around the Aegean Sea is updated on our website. Please call +1-888-277-7203 or email us at info@icarusjet.com to request a quote.

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