Renting Private Jet Charter in Advance

Planning a family excursion to the exquisite islands of the Aegean Sea? Need to schedule a meeting with a VIP client in Dubai? Do you wish to enjoy a personal journey through the clouds, far from bustling crowds and airborne diseases? If your calendar is set and ready, make haste in booking your private jet with Icarus Jet. 

When should I book a private jet charter flight?

Ideally, an average of 2 months prior. A window as large as 1-3 months allows you to exercise freedom in customizing your private jet experience. Choosing an aircraft of your liking becomes easier. Additionally, the prices are relatively lower compared to flights booked weeks prior to departure. However, only 25% of clients confirm their schedules before the last 2 weeks despite the benefits of renting in advance.

Empty legs are booked at extremely narrow margins with the looming danger of being forced to buy a whole round trip if the timings fail to coincide at the last minute. Comparatively, hiring a floating fleet a month before will serve passenger expectations better. Their personal calendars won’t be affected because unlike empty legs, floating fleets are guaranteed. However, our analysts at Icarus Jet will facilitate your queries anytime to ensure your expectations are met with the best combination of aircraft, timings, airports, and in-flight services.

Icarus Jet Team

Our dedicated Aircraft support team is available to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Kevin Singh

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