Benefits of Helicopter Charter

Helicopter charters are in popular daily demand among the demographic of high net worth individuals. They make things easier for passengers by organizing schedules in a conveniently time-effective method. Flying off for a personal meeting with a VIP business client to avoid traffic congestion or simply booking a helicopter transfer to the nearest airport is effortless. 

Why should I charter a private helicopter?

Time is essentially as significant as money and perhaps, even more so because it can’t be regained. There arise several instances in life where the cost-benefit analysis of helicopter charters ends up saving lives, careers, and futures. Consider the following list:

  • Emergency medical transfer to save 56 minutes, on average
  • Last-minute business events like conferences and meetings
  • Sensitive patient transfer with diseases requiring isolation
  • Leave from the nearest helipad and avoid trips to the airport
  • Come back within a few hours to save hotel bills
  • Visit multiple locations within a day to ensure peak productivity

Families prefer helicopters for swift recreation and healthy time-spending while commuting for domestic travel. Road trips can become bumpy, boring, and burdensome so travel in the comfort of the sky with Icarus Jet. Call us at +1-888-277-7203 to request your helicopter charter today.

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