Types of Private Helicopters

Helicopters are primarily categorized by their weights or engines. After helicopter verifications, each vehicle is assigned a maximum gross weight which totals to include the empty weight of the copter and the weights of the passengers, pilots, fuel and luggage. This is standardized benchmark to ensure lifting remains within controllable measures. Helicopter varieties may be classified into 3 brackets: 

  • Light-Piston Engines
  • Light Turbines
  • Twin Engines.

Which types of private helicopters can I charter? 

Light-Piston Engines have fallen out of corporate favor because they frequently seat only 2 passengers. However, travelling solo or with a single companion is common for passengers of Robinson R22 or Enstrom F28F. Their speeds are marked at an average of 100 miles per hour while they may only lift around 1400 pounds. Individual clients are encouraged to lease light pistons to minimize costs. Customers concerned for the environment are also welcomed to explore these helicopters.

Light Turbines akin to Bell 206B Jet Ranger and the Eurocopter Squirrel are widely popular among business executives. They can accommodate up to 4 passengers easily, without extra luggage. Usually, a single flight attendant is available on request. Luggage space is under 0.5 metres so a duffel bag may be accommodated. Chartering a McDonnell Douglas is perfect for travelling to business conferences and meetings within countries.

Twin Engines are the fastest helicopters with speeds peaking at 180 miles per hour. The Sikorsky S92 can fit in a whopping 10-person party with greater luggage space than some Midsize Cabin Jets of about 140 ft2. They can travel under 500 nautical miles. Capable of flying 6 passengers, the Eurocopter 155 is loved by businesses who form its dedicated client base. To experience the thrill of luxurious air travel, twin engines are well rented helicopters.

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