Internet Connectivity on Private Jets

Wi-Fi has become a primary need for all business travelers around the globe. It adds a smooth layer of convenience to charter flights. Preparing presentations for corporate sales bids to attending live conferences, it makes the world more accessible while flying. Additionally, families onboard may require Wi-Fi for their entertainment needs. After all, watching a movie in the clouds is bound to be on most To-Do Lists. 

Do private jets have Wi-Fi?

The answer varies depending upon the aircraft you choose. Some private jets do not come with this option at all. If internet connectivity is your priority on a private jet flight, ensure that you convey this concern to our Icarus Jet analysts prior to choosing an aircraft. Wi-Fi charges can exceed your expectations if you wish to stream HD quality videos on transcontinental flights. Partly because oceans do not host cellular towers and resorting to satellite internet is costlier. 

Weighing the opportunity cost of not being connected onboard might resolve your price related qualms about Wi-Fi. However, domestic flights charge considerably lesser than transoceanic private jet aviation. And if you’re determined to stream a movie onboard, have it pre-downloaded to avoid internet charges. However, if Wi-Fi remains an imperative need for online video-based business calls, reach out to our analysts at Icarus Jet to discuss your internet connectivity plan.

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