Safety on Private Jet and Helicopter Charters

Protection of belongings and self are great concerns during all modes of transportation. Especially during COVID-19 when a contagious virus has literally taken over the planet. Have you ever felt that your safety is at risk during commercial flights? Well, there are reasons to assume it has. Close contact with a crowd of different people is going to leave you more prone to contracting the disease. Surprisingly though, cars are killing more people than planes have ever done.

Are private jets safe?

Private jets present few advantages that they can leverage smartly during any relatively improbable unsafe situation. Firstly, they can steer landings onto any airports nearby. In case of emergencies on board, their size allows them to land on smaller airports where commercial airliners can hardly fit. The United States Helicopter Safety Team attests to the fact that helicopter rides have become two times safer in the 21st century. 

Operators engaging with Icarus Jet are audited regularly by Wyvern. Their Wingman Standard is approved by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for operation of aircraft and safety management. These benchmarks guarantee quality protection for our passengers. Additionally, operators are also audited by ARGUS. They evaluate due diligence and safety management of aircraft operators to grant them a rating. Their auditors also conduct IS-BAO audits to maintain the international standards of corporate plane operations.

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