Fuel Service at King Pyrrhus International Airport (IOA/LGIO) in Ioannina

Mar 5, 2018

We have begun fuel service operations at King Pyrrhus International Airport (IOA/LGIO) in Ioannina, one of Northern Greeces most atmospheric cities.

Runway: Length 2.400km, Width 45 meters
Taxiway: Total three
Apron: 45.000m2
Terminal: 2.150m2

So, for the longest time, after the crew had dropped off their passengers at Corfu, they had to reposition the aircraft to LGIO (Ioannina) due to lack of parking for private aircraft. Welcome to the summertime in the Greek Isles. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the Forbes list or any list, Summertime in the Greek Isles are unforgiving when it comes to the slots for arrival and departure and overnights.

A few summers ago, two airliners had clipped their wings at LGMK which resulted in the authorities denying any overnight parking to private aircraft. With a dive and drop off situation, Athens airport became the easiest reposition and park, airports. LGIO ( Ioannina Airport ) is a perfect parking and repositioning airport for Corfu, but LGIO had unavailability of Jet-A during the summer season and most aircraft had to tanker from Corfu itself. Icarus Jet fuel has good news for the aircraft at LGIO. We now have Jet-A available throughout the summertime.

Feel free to call us or email us to arrange for a quick uplift at LGIO or any slots CTOT situation at the Greek Isles of Mykonos, Santorini, Corfu, Paros, +1-888-277-7203 or fltops@icarusjet.com

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