Icarus Jet’s Unique Air Ambulance Capabilities

Mar 26, 2018

At Icarus Jet we have exclusive rights to multiple different aircraft worldwide that are available for private jet charter. In addition to private jet charter, our 3 Citation Sovereigns based in Cairo and our Lear 35A in Athens also serve as air ambulances. Our control over these aircraft combined with our diligent staff and expertise allows us to provide a unique and efficient service when it comes to air ambulance flights.

A primary example regarding our capabilities was best showcased during a last minute charter request that we had recently performed. One of our VIP clients contacted us for an urgent charter flight from Cairo to Jeddah and he needed to leave within 3 hours. Our flight support and charter team then began all arrangements along with securing all permits so that our client could depart ASAP. 1 hour prior to departure the client asked if we would be able to perform a quick turnaround in Jeddah and transport a family member from Jeddah to Paris via air ambulance. We moved quickly on this and informed the client that our Citation can operate as an air ambulance and if he was willing to allow the medical crew and equipment to travel with him, then we would be able to move efficiently without delay while providing it at an incredibly effective price.

The client had no issue with our proposal, so we began work right away. After obtaining the patient’s medical report we mobilized our medical crew swiftly, altered the aircraft cabin seating by removing 2 seats to accommodate the stretcher and medical equipment, and then took off from Cairo all on schedule. Upon landing in Jeddah the patient was prepared for a quick turnaround, and we were able to depart almost immediately to Paris. This quick action and capabilities that Icarus provided was of incredible assistance to our client and he was extremely satisfied that we were able to help his family in such an urgent and sensitive situation.

No task is too large for us here at Icarus Jet, and the above story showcases our unique capabilities in not only acting swiftly to accommodate the needs of our clients urgently, but also our ability to do so in an efficient and cost effective manner. Our main capabilities showcased here is that we can secure last minute permits as we did in Jeddah, mobilize our medical crew and transportation in a swift and cost effective manner, all while prioritizing the safety of our clients and crew.

Contact us for any and all private jet charter and air ambulance requests. We are Icarus Jet and “We Will Take You Everywhere.”

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