My Avinode Academy Experience

May 7, 2018

This past week I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Avinode Academy in Miami where over 200 brokers and operators worldwide came together for 2 days of learning, discussion, and networking.

Topics discussed ranged from the current industry trends, how to provide memorable customer service, and the future of business aviation. Panel discussions with industry leaders who discussed the importance of marketing and digital media in selling private jet charter provided incredible insight for everyone involved. Brokers, operators, and c-suite individuals all came together on equal footing to discuss and share ideas. I walked away from this event with much more confidence and knowledge in how to effectively market and sell my product, while establishing new professional and friendly relationships at the same time. This takes me to my biggest take-away from the whole event.

The greatest value of all was the people. Much like other aviation related events such as the NBAA Convention and Dubai Airshow, the chance to meet face to face and establish long-lasting relationships with colleagues in the industry was the most significant benefit of Avinode Academy; and having it take place on Miami Beach was a great idea to establish a warm, friendly, and welcoming environment. I am fortunate to have attended and will carry the insight learned and relationships gained throughout my career as a private jet charter broker.

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