Flight Planning

Mission critical – Mission accomplished

Flight planning capabilities:

  • ATC preferred routes
  • CDR routes
  • Runway Analysis
  • Weight and Balance
  • FIR Avoidance
  • ETPs
  • GPS RAIM Prediction analysis
  • EU-ETS Tonne Kilometre calculations
  • Fuel Tankering calculations
  • Graphical weather from an FAA-approved QICP
  • Worldwide satellite imagery and route weather briefings
  • Worldwide METARs, TAFs and NOTAMs
  • Passenger and preliminary weather briefings
  • Optimized (best winds) flight plans for savings on time and fuel
  • Customizable cruise burn biasing
  • Summary of navigation fees / overflight charges
  • Automatic 2° and 3° burn summaries

  • Automatic alerts for curfew , stage restrictions, and peak hour advisements.
  • Get critical security alerts and global intelligence reports.

Delivery Options

  • Print, e-mail, and fax flight plan packages and calculations.
  • Uplink directly to your aircraft’s FMS.

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