Aircraft Ground Handling Services

Quick turnarounds. Reduced downtimes. Optimized ramp handling. Secure the best parking in 3000+ airports. Pay for aircraft ground handling with a 0% markup fee.

Ground Handling with Icarus Jet

With 11 years of experience in the aviation industry, Icarus Jet has established itself as a trusted partner with a global network of reliable handling providers. Our aircraft ground handling capabilities ensure that crew members receive prompt and comprehensive assistance wherever they are in the world. Leveraging our expertise, we excel in securing slots and parking at congested airports, utilizing online coordination tools and proactive negotiations with our partners.

We prioritize on-time performance, consistently delivering flights punctually while accommodating passenger arrivals at FBOs. Our experienced trip support team is always ready to safely handle VIP movements.


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Airport Ground Handling Package

Our trip support handling package for private aircraft comes with affordable rates and no hidden fees. The bundle is specifically designed to allow pilots and aircraft crew to breeze through their airport ground operation without delays. It includes the following services:

  1. Handling services and manpower for your aircraft and flight category.
  2. Airport parking slots per the requested schedule.
  3. Ramp staff to assist the crew on the ground. 
  4. Coordinating customs and immigration for crew and passengers.
  5. Lavatory and portable water.
  6. Flight monitoring (Movement).
  7. Crew and passenger ground transportation.
  8. Catering.
  9. Fuel.

At Icarus Jet, we take care of all ground and ramp handling arrangements well ahead of your operation day, sparing you the need to engage directly with handlers. We coordinate each service in advance, preempting any surprises and allowing you to focus on flying your passengers.

Frequently Asked Questions

International Trip Support Ground Handling

What are the airport operating hours, and is overtime arrival permitted?

Airport and customs operating hours vary by location. Overtime arrival may be negotiated with additional charges, depending on the airport’s policies. Our trip support team will brief you on the airport policies once you purchase our trip support package.

What are the visa requirements, and how do you assist with the application process?

Our trip support team gathers all required visa documents and assists with visa applications, including determining if visa-on-arrival or e-visa options are available.

How much can I expect to pay?

We provide transparent cost estimates for operating at airports, with charges from authorities included in the final invoice. We do not add any additional markup on these costs. Ramp fees are based on the maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of the aircraft.

For the specific airport in your flight plan, you may contact our agents at +1 888 277 7203 or to provide an elaborate estimate.

Can you arrange hotel accommodations and ground transportation for the crew?

Yes, we provide hotel options and arrange ground transportation for the crew. Clients receive a selection of available hotels to choose from, and ground transportation is coordinated through global partners.

How do you ensure timely slot allocation?

Icarus Jet ensures timely slot allocation and parking by closely monitoring available slots through online coordination tools. In case of VIP movements or full slots, alternative airports are suggested for repositioning or parking.

Upon receiving a flight request, all necessary information is promptly forwarded to our partner handlers, including schedules, declarations, and payment methods, ensuring smooth coordination and service delivery.


We do a lot of business over in Europe for the summer. It was great to have a U.S. Staff present during off-European hours to communicate with. The staff communicates clearly, concisely, and includes multiple team members so that there’s redundancy at all times. I couldn’t more highly recommend these guys.

Matthew winer

Great team, eager to provide adequate service, and highly motivated. I have been in contact with Icarus since it inception. The company culture is adopts diversity and an International outlook that meets the requirement of corporate aviation worldwide. I see it as a company that will go places in the next 5 years, provides excellent service and options tailored to individual client needs. With a proper exposure campaign Icarus will stand out and claim its rightful market share.

Dean Itani

An Efficient and Reliable Service Provider, ICARUS has been providing flight planning services to our operations for about a year now and during the period they have proven to be very efficient, reliable and consistent. I think this is what every customer expect from a service provider. ICARUS will always meet your expectations and go the extra mile to ensure a safe and hitch free operations.


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