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Mykonos, Greece. A shade of blue waters and painted in all white villas. The contrast of the blue Aegean Sea with the white houses perched atop the hill is breathtaking. Mykonos as an island has changed so much over the decade that it has evolved from just an uber gay party island in the 1980s to an island that now serves the vacation needs of everyone. With high net-worth individuals looking for anonymity by the day on their mega yachts to backpacking students on a summer break occupying the hostels and crowding the Suvlaki cafes.

It’s hard to find any accommodation during the peak season. And it’s not because for the lack of money. It’s now just impossible to get a room if you haven’t booked a villa or a hotel in advance. The best way to win a vacation in Mykonos and avoid all the hassles that come along with planning a vacation at an island whose beauty and its people could only be described by visiting it and taking selfies that wont need any filters for its social media posts is to hire a concierge-like

We are a jet charter company that has been in the business of private jet charter and luxury travel for the past 7 years. Established in the heart of Texas in 2011, we have created a lead in the helicopter charter market in Naples, Sorrento, Capri, Mykonos, Santorini, and Schoinusa. How did we lead the jet charter luxury travel and the helicopter market? We are audited every year by industry experts and we only charter from companies that have stringent weather and pilot requirements. Did you know that when it comes to jet charter and helicopter charter, Icarus Jet has now flown 7000 hours of fantastic, hassle-free charters? We are rated one of the safest and the most cost-effective Jet charter and helicopter charter outfits in the World.

Please see some of our rates In the Mykonian area and Isle of Capri. Please WhatsApp one of our Charter Analyst In the Helicopter charter and Jet charter industry.

H135 rates from Mykonos:

  • Naxos: €2400
  • Paros: €2400
  • Patmos: €3600
  • Ios: €2950
  • Schinousa: €2600
  • Santorini: €4100
  • Athens: €4250
  • For departure from Mykonos Airport, please add Euro 250.

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Passenger safety and privacy are top priorities at Icarus Jet. Please call our analysts to book your Helicopter charter today.

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