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Private Jet Charter to Paris

A city of romance, novel laureates, fashion and the Eiffel Tower. No one can describe Paris in words. It is a futile attempt with verbiage like it is to describe in words what a coq au vin tastes like when paired with a vintage Cuvee. For the record, it tastes like the summer in Monaco when the warm breeze hits your face and tries to kiss you with its salty lips from the Sea. See, I failed to describe a simple dish paired with a glass of wine.

Paris will make you fall in love. If not with another individual, then with yourself. To discover that you somehow like fashion and are awed by the lines outside the stores on Champs Elysse. Or that you now somehow understand that weird burgundy table lamp hat for 15000 Euros. There is so much to be seen and left alone for later. From shopping to the Louvre to the river Seine.

You need a good seven days in Paris. Become a Parisian and get a bit of attitude with the World. It is ok to not care about everything and let it be. We suggest that you pick a good cafe like Les Deux Magots. Pick a good cigar and book, this is where Ernest Hemingway and Pablo Picasso rubbed shoulders. To know more about Paris, read our Blog

How much does it cost to charter a plane to Paris?

Icarus Jet charter offers its one of a kind private jet charter service from Paris Le Bourget Airport to the whole world. We also have access to Paris Orly and Paris Charles De Gaulle airport. Icarus Jet charter offers the following category of aircraft from Paris-


DISCLAIMER: All flights are operated by Part 135 carriers. Operators providing services for our clients must meet standards set forth by the FAA / EASA and relevant DGCA for safety, security and service. Icarus Jet does not own or operate aircraft under FAA Part 135 or EASA AOC. Icarus Jet is solely an Air Charter Broker.

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