Shannon Airport: CBP Preclearance U.S. & Parking

Traveling from Shannon International Airport (EINN) in Ireland to the United States has never been more efficient, thanks to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Preclearance facility. This service allows you to complete all U.S. customs and immigration processes before you board your flight, significantly simplifying your arrival in the U.S.

What is CBP Preclearance?

CBP Preclearance is an initiative where U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers are positioned at selected international airports, such as EINN International, to examine passengers prior to their departure for the United States. When you arrive in the U.S., you can skip customs and TSA checks and go straight to your onward flight or ultimate destination.

Aircraft heading to the United States can utilize the full pre-clearance facilities offered by the United States Customs and Border Protection Service. The charge for this service in 2023 is set out below for a general idea:

  • Service Charge: €8.00 per passenger
  • General Aviation Charges:
    • Normal hours (0900 to 1700 hrs): €8.00 per passenger (minimum charge of €200)
    • Out-of-hours service (1700 to 2100 hrs): €945 per flight
    • Note: Additional charges may apply for aircraft carrying more than 20 passengers.

Benefits of CBP Preclearance

With CBP clearance at Shannon, you can save time by avoiding long and tedious inspection lines in U.S. airports. This reduces the risk of missing domestic connections due to customs delays, allowing for shorter layovers. By completing the process before departure, travelers enjoy a more streamlined experience, minimizing the stress and hassle often associated with international travel.

CBP Preclearance Procedure for Crew & Passengers

Passengers and crew must visit the CBP office to complete the preclearance process. If there are a lot of bags, officers may ask for them to be taken off for inspection, although this is not always required. The entire process typically takes about 45-50 minutes, and a minimum of 24-hour notice before your flight is mandatory. Ensuring you have all the necessary documentation, such as the Aircraft Decal Number, full flight schedule, General Declaration (Gendec), and a filed Electronic Advance Passenger Information System (eAPIS), will facilitate a smooth CBP clearance at Shannon.

Arrivals: Aircraft Parking at Shannon Airport

Shannon Airport offers various parking options with associated fees for those arriving with private aircraft. Standard charges apply per 30 minutes or part thereof, with rates varying based on aircraft type and parking location. Wide/contact stands are charged at €34.00, narrow/contact at €27.00, wide/remote at €16.75, and narrow/remote at €13.25. Light aircraft parking areas are available at €2.00 per 30 minutes, while long-term remote parking costs €6.60 for narrow-body and €9.90 for wide-body aircraft.

Overnight parking from 2300-0600 hrs local time is free of charge, and designated light aircraft parking at Shannon (LAP, EPS, Parking Area 9) offers reduced charges for aircraft smaller than 12.5 tonnes. However, extended parking for over 48 hours may attract surcharges. The parking charges are calculated from the actual time of arrival to the actual time of departure, minus 15 minutes. For more on flight support to Shannon, call +1 888 277 7203.

Submission of Aircraft Fleet Declaration Form (AFDF)

Before arriving at Shannon Airport, operators must submit an AFDF electronically. This form includes crucial details such as the Construction Number (MSN/Fuselage Number), Aircraft Registration, Manufacturer Type and Name, Aircraft MTOW in Kilograms, ICAO and IATA Aircraft Type Designators, Passenger Capacity, Engine Type, Nacelles Acoustical Treatment, Certified Noise Levels, and Noise Chapter. This ensures all relevant data is available for the calculation and invoicing of runway charges.


Flight Support to/from Shannon Airport

By taking advantage of the CBP Preclearance, you can enjoy a smoother, quicker, and more efficient journey to the United States. The CBP clearance at Shannon enables you to bypass lengthy inspection lines upon arrival in the U.S., making it easier to catch connecting flights. For those arriving at Shannon, comprehensive parking options and streamlined processes for aircraft declarations further enhance the ease of using this well-equipped airport. Whether you require flight support to Shannon or need aircraft parking at Shannon, Icarus Jet is ready to provide you with a holistic trip support package.

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