The French ATC are working Overtime- No! Just kidding

Mar 24, 2018

The French ATC are working Overtime- No! Just kidding. They’re on a Strike and here is how we can help

I love all things, French. The Fashion, the food the Champagne. Oh! Nice and Cannes are two my favorite cities. I am sure that as a Corporate aviator you’ve been to many French Airports and while parked on the busy Ramps of Nice or Le Bourget, you’ve wondered, ” will I be delayed if the ATC goes on a Strike?”. Well, you possibly will be delayed, unless you’re with the Icarus Trip-Support team. We have all sorts of solutions for your departures and arrivals.

The smaller airports have no ATC help and hence they face the majority of the issues. It’s hard to know how many ATC will be on strike until the day of the strike. The NOTAM will read Minimum service guaranteed, and that should spell trouble.

Please check the Eurocontrol site before you plan your flight

Public NM Euro Control

Please also check the French ATC webpage once the strike has started

Dsnado Canalblog

Canaries, Madeira, Portuguese and Spanish destinations-

All flights from the Canaries, Madeira and mainland Portuguese and Spanish destinations via the Shanwick Oceanic Control Area (OCA) are requested to file the flight plan via published routes T9, T213 or T16.

USA and North/Central America destinations Westbound traffic, Shanwick OCA via entry point TAMEL or OMOKO BEDRA in order to avoid those entry points associated with Tango routes.

We will plan you to enter the Shanwick OCA for entry points BEGAS, DIXIS, BERUX or PITAX via PASAS.

Re-routes through Algeria

To avoid the French Airspace we can also route you through Algeria. No overflight permit is needed for Algeria during the strikes

Re-routes through Tunisia

Depending upon your destination, Tunisia is also a good option that doesn’t require an over-flight permit. We will use the DTTCZQZX and DTTCZRZX IFTN to file your flight plan.

With all these options available, we can definitely reduce the delay caused by the French ATC strike. Kindly contact us at +1 888 277 7203 or

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