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Feb 26, 2019

Greece, we all know about its legends from Hercules to Apollo. But you know what else Is Greece known for besides the Myths and the Philosophers? Blue waters of the Aegean which are famous for the Onasis and Kennedys and its white sandy beaches with calm waves. That, and the hot summer sun with the cold waters of the Adriatic coming down to the Aegean. It is blue and it is white. There is no place on Earth quite like Greece. From Crete to Corfu from Zakynthos to Mykonos, one cannot get enough of Greece.

Getting around the Greek Islands in a Helicopter

Greece is popular, no doubt. But its popularity brings a crowd of aircraft to the Greek islands that it is not able to handle. The Islands of Mykonos and Santorini, Paros, Zakynthos have all issued NOTAMS prohibiting any over-night parking for aircraft any size. The maximum time on the ground is 2 hours from the time the passengers are dropped off the private aircraft. This poses a serious dilemma to the operation of the private jet charter and private aircraft that planning on using Mykonos or Santorini, Zakynthos for their arrival. One might not get the right arrival time and even they did get the slots for their arrival time that the passengers desired, the private jet will have to reposition to another airport for their long term parking. This is where the Icarus Jet charter helps with their helicopter brokerage. With the use of a Helicopter, the passengers do not need slots for an arrival or departure as the Greek Helicopter charter are able to pick up and drop off outside the airport which requires SLOTS for arrival and departure.

Greek Helicopter charter Pros and cons

There are certain pros and cons that are Involved with the use of helicopters in the Greek Islands. Let’s list the Pros first-

  • No Slots needed due to off-airport arrival and departure.
  • Cost-effective than a Chartered Jet.
  • Land closer to your Villa or hotel or the beach.
  • More view of the Aegean blue than the airplane.

And now the Cons of the Greek Helicopter charter

  • Limited to 3 to 6 passenger and weight limited
  • with passengers at full capacity, the luggage carried on board is minimal.
  • Day time operations only and no operations past the sunset.

Icarus Jet Helicopter charter provides a different size and class of helicopter charter brokerage throughout the Greek Isles. We have a single engine and twin engine helicopters available from Athen to Mykonos and Santorini on a daily basis. Please contact us via WhatsApp or email or a simple call would have us arrange your helicopter charter within hours.

Written by: Kevin Singh

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