Mykonos airport slot debacles

Mykonos is my favorite Island. Apart from Paros when I need my sleep, and Ios when I absolutely need to shut everything down. What has happened to Mykonos? It has absolutely no space left at the airport and although one might look at the empty spaces on the ramp and think “well my G-650 fits like a glove in that south corner”, you will be swiftly denied telepathically, and then in written format once you have made your parking request. It was 2014 summer when two airliner, one taxiing on and the other being pushed back had a wing tip to wing tip high five. Legend has it that the airliner blamed on the tight space on the ramp caused by the numerous GA aircraft movements. The very next summer saw a swift “No” to any GA aircraft request. Then followed the German take over of the Greek Island airport, but the traffic Increased 5 folds, which resulted in a need for expansion of the ramps.

The airport slot and parking situation has not improved since then. Progressively getting worse and frustrating the crew members and the owners of the private jet aircraft alike, a reposition to Athens was the only choice. I personally preferred the Island of Paros which is 15 minutes of flight time away and has a runway length of 1400 meters, but it has nu fuel available. The parking is generally approved for most GA aircraft ( I have seen G-650 and GV and other Private jet charter aircraft parked in Paros Airport). The PCN is not met for larger aircraft and a reduced tire pressure will allow for the airport to accept a large GA aircraft like the Global XRS. The town of Naussa is beautiful and it has plenty of beautiful hotels available for the crew to take selfies at for their social media posts.

Here’s where we stand now. You can only drop off at Mykonos airport. Your slots to LGMK airport will more than likely be denied and you will be offered a new slot that you and the private jet owner will not like. You will settle for the new slot as you have no options. No, you cannot park at Athens after a drop off for more than 24 hours. You will also need to have one passenger onboard to be able to reposition from Mykonos to Athens ( part 91 guys can list their FA, who is not a required crew member as a passenger and get away with it). Please make sure that you take the slots that you’re offered within 30 minutes or you will lose them. We have no canceled three flights because the client couldn’t make up their mind about the time of their arrival. The other option is a drop off at Athens airport (LGAV) and then use a helicopter for a transfer to Mykonos airport (LGMK). CAVEAT- helicopters are daytime operations only and they all have limitations on their baggage capacity. Some Private Jet aircraft owner and Private Jet charter clients require a twin engine helicopter because of their Insurance requirements. Please look at our Mykonos helicopter charter as we have plenty of options.

Things to keep in mind while planning a flight to Mykonos

  1. No overnight parking
  2. Take the slots you’re offered as soon as you can.
  3. Repo to Athens will allow you a max 24-48 hour parking
  4. Paros airport is a good option, but please check runway length for performance. No Jet fuel available at Paros airport
  5. Corfu and Thessaloniki are other option for long term parking

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