Private Jet Charter to Summer Olympics

Mar 20, 2024

The Summer Olympics in Paris, set for 2024, signify a historic return to the city’s sporting heritage, marking a century since its last hosting in 1924. The opening ceremony will commence on the 26th of July, with around 28 games and 300+ matches spread over the following days until the 11th of August. The widely popular athletic events will start in August, while swimming will finish by July. Football and volleyball will have gold medal games on the last 2-3 days of the event but will host event competitions throughout the period. 

Private Jet Charter to Paris 2024

An estimated 10 million audience members will attend the Olympic games, of which 20% will be spectators from abroad, concentrating on regions like Europe and North America. General aviation will need help with airport parking, slots, and accommodation. Given the expected high demand for private jets, it’s crucial to emphasize the steps taken to simplify these trips, especially ensuring access to appropriate airfields.

Paris Olympics 2024: Private Jet to Football Events

The football events in the Summer Olympics spread across a few outlying cities in France, besides the finals in Paris. They include Marseille, Lyon, Nice, Nantes, Saint Etienne, and Bordeaux. Due to the event, there might be a difference with the fees and charges for each location. Here is the most suitable airport for private jet charter to the summer Olympics for football fans:

Lyon Bron Airport for Paris Olympics 2024

You can attend the matches at Parc Olympique Lyonnaise (13 mins) and Geoffroy Guichard Stadium (51 mins) by landing at Lyon Bron. On top of that, Lyon Airport connects the north of France with the south, making it possible to fly in any direction to attend other football matches. 

For example – hop on a helicopter ride for an hour to land at the Le Bourget general aviation airport in the north to attend the finals in Parc des Princes (36 mins).

Or to cover approximately the same flight distance down south to Marseille Provence airport or Nice Cote d’Azur airport for matches in Orange Veledrome (26 mins) or Allianz Riveria (9 mins). 

And believe it or not, even to the west. Lyon Bron airport connects to the Bordeaux-Merignax airfield in a few minutes over an hour. The men’s bronze medal match is fixed here at the Stade Matmut Atlantique (16 mins). 

To top it all off, Lyon-Bron exclusively serves general aviation traffic, rendering it an exclusive airfield for VIP travelers. It operates 7 days a week from 7 am to 8 pm and features 70 dedicated GA stands, distinct from its helicopter hangar. Mandatory ground handling fees may reach up to 32 euros, excluding VAT, while parking fees are 0.54 euros per ton per hour, excluding VAT. Landing rates are determined based on maximum take-off weight. 

Private Jet Charter to Paris for Olympics 2024

The venues for the athletic events are within the city vicinity of Paris in Stade de France and Pont d’Lena. Track and field events will be held inside the stadium, while the marathon and walk events will ensue on the bridge of Lena. The gold medal matches will begin on the 1st of August and end on the 11th. The private jet airport most suited to attend these venues is the Le Bourget airfield in Paris. But a jet charter to Paris during such a heavy traffic season is not always simple. 

Le Bourget Airport for Paris Olympics 2024

Le Bourget is the best-suited airfield for athletic events, and most aquatic, volleyball, tennis, and cycling events are scheduled inside Paris. The airport is critical to general aviation as the busiest European private jet airport. Here are some of the drive times to nearby Olympic venues:

  1. Stade de France (track, field, and the wrap-up celebrations): 9 mins
  2. Paris La Defence Arena (swimming): 23 mins
  3. Porte de La Chapelle (gymnastics): 15 mins
  4. Paris Expo Porte de Versailles (volleyball, table-tennis): 36 mins
  5. Jardins du Trocadéro (inaugration event): 32 mins

But of course, the aerodrome alone cannot accommodate the 2 million influx of international traffic for the Summer Olympics. It’s crucial to highlight that during the opening ceremony on the 26th of July, flying over Paris airspace will be prohibited within a radius of approximately 150 kilometers around the city. Only quick turnarounds will work here, with no option for overnight parking. Here are a few alternate airfields:

  1. Pontoise Cormeilles Airport: Currently, parking spaces are available at this airport. The drive distance to nearly all Paris city venues is an average of 30 minutes on the road.
  2. Beauvais Airport: The average driving time is around an hour from most inter-city stadiums, but the good news is that this airport offers overnight parking. 
  3. Vatry Airport: This airfield also offers overnight parking, but the drive distance averages 2 hours from Paris. However, this can be a great repositioning airport choice for passengers looking for round trips.

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