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Private Planes to London and the UK

Getting ready to embark on a European excursion in towns rooted in rich history, art, and politics? Our London private jet charter can help you make the most of your trip to the UK. Let our team at Icarus Jet provide convenience, safety and peace of mind as you start your trip within London!.   

London, UK, is one of our top destinations for private jet charter travel. The city is the “who’s who” of finance, Fashion, sports, entertainment, and the political world. Whether it’s the clientele from Asia, Africa, Middle-East, or within Europe itself, we all have a place in our hearts for something London — even the grey skies, rainy days, traffic, and its hectic airports.

London is not the only destination in the UK that Icarus Jet provides charters for. We cover the entire country, from the Scottish highlands to the Welsh pastures. Hire a private jet to Scotland, where we enjoy exclusive aircraft parking expertise to make your luxury ride as comfortable as you want it to be. The weather is misty most of the year, but the summers offer an unforgettable experience rooted in historical significance and lore.

Enter the UK’s most bustling tourist destination through Aberdeen – or Inverness if you’re lucky! We’ve got you covered in all cases, depending on the sightseeing list you have in mind. If the Loch Ness is your priority, we can land you closest to the headland at Wick Airport. Or, if you want to explore the south and visit mighty castles, mythical parks, and miniature waterfalls – book a private jet charter to Wales with us now. 

With help from Icarus Jet, you can find the most cost-effective and time-efficient charter flights to  London City Airport. Hop off your private jet feeling well-rested and excited to tour everything from Big Ben to the Houses of Parliament.

No matter if you are traveling for business or pleasure we want to make it as simple and seamless to travel from Point A to Point B. Our most common airport to fly into within the city of London is Luton airport, which is friendly to general aviation and London jet charter, and is open 24 hours a day. Beyond Luton airport, there are other options available within a 50-mile range of London. 

Keep in mind: We can offer lower rates for private aircraft departures from the Stansted Airport, but this does require a lengthy car ride to get to London. Contact us today to learn more about how we can customize your trip and get you to London as efficiently as possible.

Last Minute Private Jet From London

In need of a last-minute charter jet to London? Icarus has access to a wide range of aircraft that are ready for take-off within four hours of the booking and call out. Call our direct number at +1-888-2777203, and we will make sure that a suitable airplane is prepared for you.

Please see below some of the most frequented routes in London, namely, London to Paris Jet charter and London to Marbella jet charter being the two most frequented. Icarus Jet offers the following Cabin class of aircraft from London; Very Light Jets, Light Jets, Mid-size, Super-Midsize, and Heavy Jets.

Jet Charter Rates London

Ready to charter a private jet to London? Here are a few price estimates from major cities:

CityTo/FromOne-Way Price Estimate ($)

London Airports within 50 Miles

When you fly for pleasure or charter a business jet to London, you have options of where you’ll land. Here are the private jet charter flight airport within the London are to consider.

EGGWLuton AirportLTN
EGWUNortholt AirportNHT
EGSSStansted AirportSTN
EGLLHeathrow AirportLHR
EGKBBiggin Hill AirportBQH
EGLCCity AirportLCY

Private Jet Charter Available Within 3 Hours Of A Callout – London

The following planes are available for private jet charter in London, so long as they are booked within four hours of a callout: 

To arrange your private jet charter services from Cairo, Egypt, please call +1 888 277 7203 or email us at


How much is a private jet to London?

The cost of charter jets to London varies on multiple factors. Your starting location plays a major role; a one-way price estimate from France sits near $7,000, but a flight from Dubai is estimated closer to $50,000. Other factors that determine price include aircraft type, distance, passenger capacity, and additional features and accommodations.

How long does it take to fly to London?

The duration of your flight to London depends on your starting destination. If you’re wondering how long a flight from California to London takes, it’s estimated at just under 12 hours of travel time. A charter service agent can give you a better idea of how long you can expect to be in the sky.

What are the advantages of taking a private jet charter to London?

There are many benefits to private air travel, especially when you’re traveling overseas or to another country nearby. The most significant advantage is gaining access to the highest quality, safe and convenient travel option.

What types of aircraft are available for charter in London?

At Icarus Jet, we have a range of different aircraft available for charter to meet your wants and needs. Our fleet includes Very Light Jets, Light Jets, Mid-size, Super-Midsize, and Heavy Jets.

How do I book a private jet charter in London?

To book a seamless private plane to London, call or email an Icarus Jet charter flight coordinator. If you search for a private charter on an app, you may not get the same visibility into the pricing structure, current demand and availability. Speaking directly with an agent can help you cut through the noise and find the best travel option for you.  

Icarus Jet Team

Our Dedicated Aircraft support team is available to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Kevin Singh

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We do a lot of business over in Europe for the summer. It was great to have a U.S. Staff present during off-European hours to communicate with. The staff communicates clearly, concisely, and includes multiple team members so that there’s redundancy at all times. I couldn’t more highly recommend these guys.

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Great team, eager to provide adequate service, and highly motivated. I have been in contact with Icarus since it inception. The company culture is adopts diversity and an International outlook that meets the requirement of corporate aviation worldwide. I see it as a company that will go places in the next 5 years, provides excellent service and options tailored to individual client needs. With a proper exposure campaign Icarus will stand out and claim its rightful market share.

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An Efficient and Reliable Service Provider, ICARUS has been providing flight planning services to our operations for about a year now and during the period they have proven to be very efficient, reliable and consistent. I think this is what every customer expect from a service provider. ICARUS will always meet your expectations and go the extra mile to ensure a safe and hitch free operations.


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