Challenger 605 – Private Aircraft Charter

Bombardier aircraft Introduced the Challenger 600 aircraft in 1980 and later Improved the model with a saddle fuel tank at the rear of the aircraft and a strengthened undercarriage for a heavier payload. This new variant was called the CL-604, which stopped production in 2006. 2007 the CL 604 was equipped with a Pro-Line 21 modern cockpit, and this variant was named the CL 605. A private Jet the size and width of an airline, yet nimble and luxurious as a luxurious private jet. It was well received by the Industry due its Heavy Jet performance and range.

Challenger 605 Aircraft specifications

  • 10-12 comfortable seats for passengers
  • Wifi and other entertainment packages
  • An enclosed lavatory with sink and mirrors
  • 4000 NM flight range
  • Maximum cruise speed 460 kts
  • 4850 lbs payload with internal baggage compartment access, which is pressurized and heated.

Other Aircraft Comparable To The Challenger 605 Are

Embraer Legacy 600
Falcon 900
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