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Private Jet Charter from Athens, Greece

Whenever you need a private aircraft at the last minute, we can help you right away. Our team can give you access to a private aircraft within 2 hours of calling us. All you need is to call our team, and we will prepare a plane that suits your needs. If you want to reach Santorini or Mykonos, the recommended option is a helicopter charter. The private charter is great if you have a larger amount of passengers or lots of luggage.

Our Lear 35 is suitable to carry 6 passengers and luggage to Mykonos without any issues, and it can be active 24 hours without a problem. A helicopter is restricted to day time use, and there are also weight limitations and the luggage dimensions can be very specific.

If you’re traveling with more than 4 people and you have more than 4 large suitcases, then we encourage you to contact our team and use our private aircraft solutions. Don’t hesitate and check the jet charter pages for Santorini and Mykonos for more information!

Athens Airports within 50 Miles

LGTTTatoi AirportDekelia, Greece
LGTTElefsis AirportAthens (Athinai), Greece
LGAVEleftherios Venizelos AirportATH, Athens (Athinai), Greece
LGMGMegara AirportMegara, Greece
LGTGTanagra AirportTanagra, Greece
LGHYHydra HelipadHydra, Greece
LGSYSkyros AirportSKU, Skiros Island, Greece
LGSKSkiathos AirportJSI, Skiathos, Greece
LGTPTripolis Airport

Tripolis, Greece

LGSOSyros AirportJSY, Syros, Greece

Private Jet Charter available in Athens

Icarus Jet Charter was established in 2011 in Athens and since then we’ve constantly been offering our customers curated private jets for rental. We are present in both the Santorini and Mykonos and Athens airports. We are offering these services in the Aegean sea region and we make it easy for you to see all those white villas on the hills and a variety of cool locations as well.

Due to the Greek island topography, you need experienced helicopter pilots that can handle all those different heights, as well as ever-changing weather conditions. Icarus Jet Charter is here to ensure that you have a safe and pleasant fight, while also seeing everything that region has to offer. Aside from that, we also have private jet flights varying from Very Light JetsLight JetsMid-sizeSuper-Midsize, and Heavy Jets. This way you will have no problem finding the right solution that suits your needs and requirements.

private jet charter from athens

One of the great things about the Athens airport is that it’s very large, but it can have an overwhelming amount of international traffic. Every aircraft needs to have a landing spot when it goes away and comes back. Which is why there are times when passengers can end up missing some of their connecting flights. In some cases you might even have to reposition to airports in Bulgaria or Turkey in order to make your flight easier and not have to deal with the madness and traffic from the Athens airport.

Private Aircraft Available out of Athens Airport

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Kevin Singh

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We do a lot of business over in Europe for the summer. It was great to have a U.S. Staff present during off-European hours to communicate with. The staff communicates clearly, concisely, and includes multiple team members so that there’s redundancy at all times. I couldn’t more highly recommend these guys.

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Great team, eager to provide adequate service, and highly motivated. I have been in contact with Icarus since it inception. The company culture is adopts diversity and an International outlook that meets the requirement of corporate aviation worldwide. I see it as a company that will go places in the next 5 years, provides excellent service and options tailored to individual client needs. With a proper exposure campaign Icarus will stand out and claim its rightful market share.

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An Efficient and Reliable Service Provider, ICARUS has been providing flight planning services to our operations for about a year now and during the period they have proven to be very efficient, reliable and consistent. I think this is what every customer expect from a service provider. ICARUS will always meet your expectations and go the extra mile to ensure a safe and hitch free operations.


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