Charter a Hawker 800 XP Private Jet

The original Hawker Sidley was produced by the British Aerospace, BAe, and the Hawker was given the serial number HS-125. The Models of the Hawker were 400,600,700,800,800 XP, 800XPi and the Hawker 850 XP and Hawker 900 XP. The aircraft was aa typical of the British design with an almost stand up cabin and enclosed lavatory and club seating. British Aerospace sold the Hawker manufacturing to Raytheon who in turn sold it to Hawker Beechcraft in 2013.

The cockpit was most user-friendly with the flight controls shapes like Ram horns to ease the pressure on the hands of the Pilots. With one kind weeping wings anti-icing system and Garrett TFE 731 Engines, the Hawker 800 series private Aircraft was developed and Improved many times over the decades. With a 6 hours range and a service ceiling of FL 410, the Hawker 800 XP can easily cross coast to coast or from the East Coast to Europe. The value in its cost of operation and maintenance made this private jet a highly sought after airplane for the Airforce and the Military around the World.

Hawker 800 XP Specifications

  • Passenger capacity of eight and a crew of two
  • Range of 2540 NM
  • A full Galley option with a Microwave and Coffee machine
  • An enclosed lavatory with Sink and Mirror and a belted seat
  • Hourly rate- 4500 USD
  • Baggage capacity- 46 CU FT

To book a private jet charter on a Hawker 800 XP jet aircraft, please contact us online or call us at +1-888-277-7203

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